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We hope to add items we feel will be of interest to you and which will help to keep you informed about what we as governors do and are responsible for here in school.

Governors Mission Statement

It is our job to support and challenge the school in its aim to achieve its pupils’ potential in all subjects as well as to prepare them with the skills and knowledge for their future in an ever changing world.


To assist and provide support to the school in its mission to become an excellent school and to aspire to be an outstanding governing body to work closely with and be a ‘critical friend’ to the Senior Leadership Team.

Equality Statement:

To celebrate our diversity and build an understanding of all the groups within it. We see all learners and their parents and carers as of equal value:

  • whether or not they have a disability or special education need;
  • whatever their ethnicity, culture, religious or non-religious affiliation or faith;
  • whatever their gender, gender identity or sexuality;
  • whatever their socio economic status.

School Governors, who are we and what do we do?


Name Type of Governor Role Start Date End Date
————– Local Authority Chair of Governors ————– ————–
Clare Featherstone Parent Vice Chair of Governors 24/09/2015 23/09/2019
————– Co-opted Chair of Resources Committee / Vice-Chair ————– ————–
Steve Darby Headteacher Headteacher
Margaret Belton Clerk  Clerk to Governors
Kate Stuart Staff 27/03/2017 26/03/2021
Paul Featherstone Co-opted 27/03/2017 26/03/2021
Louise Baines Co-opted


24/04/2017 23/04/2021
Nicola Fray Co-opted


24/04/2017 23/04/2021
Chris Littlewood Parent


20/11/2017 19/11/2021
Scott McHale Parent


20/11/2017 19/11/2021
Caroline Spalding Co-opted Governor 20/11/2017 19/11/2021
Co-opted Governor

There are currently vacancies at present for 2 Parent Governors and 3 Co-opted Governors.

If you wish to contact the Governors, they can be reached at

For the current Governors attendance records, please click here

Governors who have resigned during the last Academic Year



Name Type of Governor Role Start Date End Date
John Hughes Local Authority Chair of Governors 27 /3/2017 15/10/2018
Zoe Hughes Co-Opted Chair of Resources

Committee / Vice-Chair

24/4/2017 15/10/2018
Catherine Rodger Local Authority Chair of Governors 21/3/2013 20/3/2017
Akif Wyne Co-opted Vice Chair of Governors 21/3/2013 20/3/2017
Charlotte Sykes Co-opted 27/3/2017 10/5/2017
Jemma Enright Staff 21/3/2013 20/3/2017
Kathy Corns Co-opted 12/11/2015 27/3/2017
Shane McHugh  Parent Governor 22/09/2016  26/7/2017
Kudsia Batool Co-opted Governor 17/7/2017 20/11/2017




 Date (All meetings start 4:30pm)  Meeting
 Monday 25.9.17  FGB
 Monday 16.10.17  Resources Committee
 Monday 20.11.17  FGB
 Monday 11.12.17  Resources Committee
 Monday 22.1.18  FGB
 Monday 26.2.18  Resources Committee
 Monday 19.3.18  FGB
 Monday 23.4.18  Resources Committee
 Monday 21.5.18  FGB
 Monday 18.6.18  Resources Committee
 Monday 16.7.18  FGB

  • April
  • 12th - Break up for Easter Half Term
  • 29th - First Day of Summer Term
  • May
  • 6th - Bank Holiday
  • 13th to 16th - SATS Week
  • 24th - Last Day of term
  • June
  • 3rd - First day of term
  • 21st - Conkers Trip Yr 5
  • 28th - Inset Day
  • July
  • 16th - Sports Day
  • 17-19th - Lea Green Residential
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