Our children are enthusiastic about their learning and are encouraged to learn about the learning process. We teach in a cross curricular way whereby links are made across subject barriers in a creative and meaningful way. We encourage all our children to take a pride in their work and to have an understanding of what they need to do to improve even more. All children are encouraged to take a learning risk and not to be afraid of making mistakes because this is when ‘real’ learning takes place.

All subjects are covered including French and we enrich the curriculum by offering opportunities such as, drumming and choir. Visits out of school are offered on a regular basis and children will have the opportunity to take part in a residential experience.

We encourage children to work cooperatively with one another as well as being part of a team as we feel this helps children in their future lives. Basic skills are a priority too. We provide good support for pupils and we are committed to inclusion. Intervention strategies are put into place when necessary and we will of course inform you of any special needs provision that we think may be necessary.

Our children have high self esteem, behavior is good and we feel it is important to be polite, respectful of others and tolerant of differences. All our children are proud of their school and take
many responsibilities seriously as eco troopers and influential school councilors. They feel safe and well cared for in an environment where their achievements are valued.

  • April
  • Mon 9 — Children back to school
  • Mon 10 — Roman Day
  • Fri 13 — Maths Day
  • Wed 18 —Theatre Company
  • Thu 19 — Workhouse Southwell
  • Fri 20 — Workhouse Southwell
  • Thu 26 — Richard Felix to visit yr 3
  • May
  • Mon 7 — Bank holiday—school closed
  • Thu 10 — ZooLab closed
  • Mon 14 — SATs week for Year 6s
  • Wed 23 — Police and CSI training day for children
  • Fri 25 — Break up for half term
  • June
  • Thurs 14 — class photographs
  • Thurs 21 — Sports Day
  • Mon 25 — INSET Day
  • Wed 27 — Derby Museum Yr3
  • Thu 28 — Derby Museum Yr3
  • Fri 29 — Derby Museum Yr3
  • July
  • 3rd - Transition Day
  • 6rd - Yr 5 Eyam Trip
  • 9th - Derby Cathedral Trip
  • 11th - Summer Fair
  • 18th to 20th - Lea Green Residential Yr6
  • 23rd - Yr 4 Adventure Farm
  • 24th - Leavers Disco
  • calendar