This page is dedicated to informing our parents/carers of activities that are taking place outside of school.

We will attach posters that we have received from outside agencies as well as putting them on our notice boards on the school grounds.

We will also in the future add website links that we think may be useful to you.

If you have any ideas of other information that you think would be useful to others, let us know and we can consider putting this on as well.

Paying Creche, Boulton Children’s Centre – Click here

Teaching Assistant Course – Click here

  • February
  • 15th - last day before half term
  • 25th - First Day of term
  • March
  • 7th - World Book Day
  • 8th - Inset Day
  • 26th - Parents Evening
  • 27th - Parents Evening
  • April
  • 12th - Break up for Easter Half Term
  • 29th - First Day of Summer Term
  • May
  • 6th - Bank Holiday
  • 13th to 16th - SATS Week
  • June
  • 17-19th - Lea Green Residential
  • calendar