Spelling Blocks

In our continued journey of improving attainment and achievement at Oakwood, we have decided to change the way we have been teaching spellings. We are going to trial a new way of delivering our spelling lessons and testing the children on their spellings in school. Whereas traditionally we have given the children a weekly test in class, we will now be sending home spelling words in blocks. Studies have shown that this helps children to make the connection to their writing and not just learn their spellings in isolation. Words from the units that are being taught within each block will be sent home for you to practice with your child. At the end of the block of teaching, the children will be tested on a selection of words from the units to check their understanding of the rules they have been learning. You will be notified of the date for each block test.

Learning to spell is an extremely important skill as it supports the ability to write and  develops children’s use of vocabulary. Please support your child by helping them to learn their weekly spellings using their look, say, cover, write check sheet at home to aid this.

Once your child has completed their test, they will bring home their test score and a list of any words that they have spelt incorrectly. Time will be spent in class looking at these words and helping your child to understand and learn to spell them.

Year 3 Autumn 1

Block 2 – Units 2-4


Unit 2

adding the suffixes

–er or –est

Unit 3

adding the suffixes

–er or -est

Unit 4

adding the suffixes

–er or -est

warmer jollier fitter
quicker spikier hotter
faster slimier bigger
slower sillier slimmer
largest trickiest maddest
thickest funniest saddest
cutest happiest wettest
widest tidiest gladdest

My next spelling test will be on: Thursday 8th November

Year 3 Autumn 2

Block 3:

Unit 6

Adding the suffix -ness

Unit 7

Adding the suffix –ness

(swap the y for an i)

illness dizziness
sadness bossiness
weakness happiness
kindness sleepiness
darkness jolliness
fitness sloppiness
bitterness cheekiness
foolishness giddiness


Block 4:

Unit 8

Words ending in -le

Unit 9

Words ending in -el

triangle label
middle vowel
table cancel
little squirrel
rectangle angel
handle parcel
battle towel
giggle travel

Year 3 Spring 2:

Block 7:

Unit 13

Adding the suffix -ment

Unit 15

Adding the suffix -es

treatment replies
movement carries
enjoyment multiplies
attachment spies
punishment tries
measurement families
development cries
replacement babies


Block 8:

Unit 1

Adding the prefixes dis– and in

Unit 2

Adding the prefix im

dishonest impossible
disappear impatient
 disagree impolite
disapprove imperfect
invisible immature
incapable immortal
incomplete immobile
independent immaculate

Year 3 Summer 1 Spelling Blocks :

Block 9:

Unit 3

Adding the suffix -ous

Unit 4

Adding the suffix -ly

Unit 5

Words ending in


dangerous completely adventure
jealous nicely nature
enormous carefully creature
nervous suddenly temperature
famous gently texture
ridiculous horribly picture

Year 3 Summer 2 Spelling Blocks:

Block 10:

Unit 7

Words with the c sound spelt ch

Unit 8

Words with the sh sound spelt ch

school machine
character chef
ache brochure
stomach chute
anchor chalet
chaos parachute
echo charade
chemist moustache


Block 11:

Unit 6

Adding –ation to verbs to form nouns


Year 4 Autumn 1

Block 1 – Units 1 – 2 and Special Focus 1

Unit 1

Adding the prefix dis- and in-

Unit 2

Adding im- to root words beginning with m or p

Special Focus 1

Orange Words

dislike impatient Answer
disagree impossible Business
disappear impolite Consider
invisible immature Decide
incomplete imperfect Earth
independent immortal Eighth
appear possible February
believe although Island
disbelieve eight Length
continue describe Strength

Year 4’s Spelling test will be on:-  Friday 12th October


Year 5 Autumn 1

Block 1 – Units 1 – 3

Unit 1

Adding the prefixes mis-, un-, dis- and in-

Unit 2

Words ending in zhuh spelt sure

Unit 3

The short u sound spelt ou and the prefix auto-

mistake treasure double
misspell measure trouble
misunderstand leisure enough
misbehave enclosure rougher
unfair pleasure youngest
uncertain closure touch
unusual creature country
ungrateful mixture courage
disagree capture autograph
dishonest puncture automatic
disappear adventure automobile
inactive picture autopilot

Your child’s spelling test will be on:    Thursday 4th October

Block 2 – Units 4, 5 and Special Focus 2


Unit 4: Adding the suffix -ly Unit 5: Adding the prefix inter-

and revision

Special Focus 2:


angrily interact grown
bossily intercity groan
sleepily interlock peace
hastily intermediate piece
finally intergalactic main
slowly internet mane
sadly antifreeze berry
magically submarine bury
comically subway reign
automatically supermarket rain
frantically rein


My next spelling test will be on: Thursday 25th October

Block 3- Units 6, 7, 8 and Special Focus 3 (possessive apostrophes with plural words)


Unit 6: Words with the ay sound spelt eigh, ei, ey Unit 7: Words ending in -ous Unit 8: Words with the s sound spelt sc
eighteen anxious ascend
freight curious descend
eighty enormous fascinate
neigh courageous muscle
neighbour dangerous scene
weigh humorous scent
sleigh glamorous science
obey poisonous scissors
prey serious
vein tremendous
veil obvious
pray hideous


My next spelling test will be on: Thursday 29th November


Year 6 Autumn 1

Block 1 – Units 1 – 3

Unit 1


Revising instances where we do not change the root word when a suffix beginning with a vowel is added.

Unit 2

Suffixes (to root words ending in a consonant plus e)

Unit 3


(to root words ending in-le or a consonant plus y)

asking nicest pitiless
jumped sensible beautiful
fastest cycling laziness
hunter tasted merriment
shouted slimy speedily
neater joker gently
lightest famous simply
yawning observant wriggly
sprinted creating definitely
floated appreciating thoroughly
fighting fading immediately
louder persuaded normally

Your child’s spelling test will be on:    Thursday 11th October

Block 2 – Units 4- 5 and Special Focus Words


Unit 4

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable and words ending –fer.

Unit 5

Adding –ed, -ing, -er, and –est to a root word in –y with a consonant before it.

Special Focus Words

Double letters

beginning heavily communicate
admittance beautifully community
stoppable busily committee
permitting reliable harass
preferred happiness occur
regrettable replied occupy
wettest mysterious profession
forgotten hurries sufficient
funny tries correspond
referring applied apparently
committed carried opportunity
forbidden crying

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