Appointment of Trustees


As part of the proposed formation of a Multi Academy Trust, the schools involved are recruiting Trustees. Put simply, the Trustees will undertake a similar role to the current school governors, but with a responsibility for the performance of all the schools in the Trust, rather than just one individual school. Like school governors, the positions are on a voluntary basis, with a Term of Office likely to be for four years. The school will continue to have its own Local Governing Body with elected members, who will have certain delegated responsibilities from the Trust.

If anybody is interested in becoming a Trustee, then please refer to the following two documents, which can be found under the ‘Parents’ section of the school’s website:

  1. Becoming a Trustee in a Multi Academy Trust – An Overview
  2. The Application Form

Paper copies are also available from the school office. The Application Form includes a skills audit, as the Board of Trustees will need to have a combined set of skills and experiences between them, although it isn’t an expectation that individual Trustees will be highly skilled in all of the identified areas. It is envisaged that there will be between seven and eleven Trustees, depending on the level of returned applications. Successful applicants will be notified within a fortnight of the closing date.

Completed Application Forms should be returned to the school office by 12 noon on Friday 2nd March.

When the proposal is in a more concrete form, individual schools will write again to parents, staff and governors with further details about the arrangements for the formal consultation process. A final decision will only be made by each governing body after the consultation process has been completed. This will be after the Easter holidays, when there is more information to share.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact your school’s Head teacher or Chair of Governors with any questions, observations or concerns.

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