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Trip to the Museum

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

During their time learning about Leonardo da Vinci, Year 4’s looked into going to the museum to look at Leonardo’s masterpiece.

The pupils went out with their teachers to see the sculptures and art pieces that he made. It was a lovely day, so it was perfect to go! The year 4’s had a great time going and loved the art pieces he made.

As they were walking around, they saw the other amazing art pieces from such talented, brilliant artists!

As the day was over, they wished the day would never-end. But sadly, it did. They were so thankful to be at the museum.

Mrs Hodgkinsons leaving!

Friday, April 5th, 2019


Miss Hodgkinsons leaving next week, Friday. She’s being working for over 14 years now, the best music teacher. Nothing will be the same without her. We don’t know who’s taking over Music Assemblies yet.

As the bloggers, we were lucky enough to interview some of the teachers, including Mrs Hodgkinsons.

We’ve asked, ‘’ How have you enjoyed Oakwood Junior School (OJS)?’’

Mrs Hodgkinsons said that Oakwood Junior School was a special place, some of the children don’t realize how lucky they are, the teaching assistance and teachers are amazing.

We asked, ‘’Why are you leaving?’’

She replied, ‘’ I’m going to another school, much harder than this school. For a challenge!’’

We questioned, ‘’ How long have you known Miss Stuart for?’’

She answered, ‘’ She’s a brilliant teacher, fun and silly sometimes. I’ve known her for 13 years, it’s going to be sad leaving her. But I can always annoy her by texting her all the time. ‘’

Our final query was, ‘’ How do you feel leaving?’’

She responded, ‘’ I’m very emotional and sad so far, I am going to miss Oakwood Junior School so much!’’

We had a discussion with her closest friends, Mrs Stone, Mrs Stuart and Mr Simon.

‘’ She was my best friend in school, I’ll miss her so much. I’m devastated!’’ cried Miss Stuart.

Mr Simon spoke, ‘’I’m very sad about Miss Hodgkinsons leaving, I knew her for about a year.’’

‘’ I feel very sad because, I’ve worked with her for a very long time. So, I’m losing one of my very good friends.’’ stated Mrs Stone.

Year 3’s Victorian day

Monday, March 25th, 2019

March, 22nd 2019

The year 3’s had a very exciting day, today. They had Victorian day, dressing up as a Victorian and living the life as one. They enjoyed it- well some of them.  They had fun with their teachers doing workshop, sang songs and they couldn’t write with their left hand!

In the Victorians days, the teacher were very strict. The year three teachers followed the role, making the Victorians a reality. But this day wouldn’t even happen if the teachers weren’t so kind and allowed them to dress up.


“Good.” said a year 3 whilst saying, “It was good until the teacher shouted at you, Class 3 was very strict.”

“Sort of good, I’ve enjoyed lots of work about NOTHING! And the cane.” said a year 3, eagerly.

“It’s been terrible!” whined a year 3, jokingly. “I’ve enjoyed writing the alphabet!”

Futsal County Final Tournament

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Futsal County Final Tournament on the 12th December at Derby University

Oakwood girls put in some good team and individual performances despite losing their 3 group games, two by a narrow 1-0 margin. This event includes schools from all over Derbyshire, who either won or came runner up in their Area Finals.

Oakwood were runners up to Noel-Baker in our Area Final, a team that included at least four ex-Oakwood girls from our last school year.

Despite the losses the Girls came back to school excited and thrilled to have been involved with such a important event.

It was a great experience for them and will serve them well in the future.

It is worth mentioning that The Oakwood Girls team was the only team to represent a junior school. All the other competing schools were seniors, year 7. That in itself is quite an achievement.

Oakwood prides itself on the focus and development of the girls football in our school and look forward to many more Finals and County Finals in the near future.


Year 5 and 6 E-Safety Workshop

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

This week, both Year 5’s and Year 6’s will be learning how to keep themselves safe online via an e-safety workshop BCyberwise.

More on BCyberwise and its resources can be found here

Sports Results

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

On Tuesday 7th November, the boys went to Kirk Hallam for their County Final and finished a creditable third, gaining themselves a bronze award. The boys played well in the Derbyshire tournament and can reflect on a result that makes them the third best team in the whole of Derbyshire.

The girls travelled to Tibshelf the following Thursday, 9th, for their County Final. Despite not making it to the group stages, the girls were only just squeezed out by one point. Had they added a draw to their two wins they would have confirmed a semi final place.

This was not to be, losing their first two games, both 1-0 and winning their last two games.

Nevertheless, our girls are a real inspiration to the ever increasing girls football teams establishing themselves all over the country. Oakwood Juniors have led the way in girls football on the school scene, over a period of five years.

Oakwood rugby team returned to the field at Chellaston Juniors on Friday 10th November. A tough first game saw the scores level, on, 11-11. With time almost up on the clock, Oakwood had ball in hand to complete a good win but a error in handling gave the ball to Chellaston, who gladly excepted the gift and romped up the pitch to score the decisive try to win the game 12-11.

The camaraderie in this Oakwood rugby team is second to none and quickly putting the disappointment of the first game behind them, the team gathered themselves together, cut out the errors and with a good deal of grit, determination and some excellent ball play swept aside a strong Chellaston defence to gain a 10-7 win. Well deserved. Well played both teams, who played in the great spirit that rugby is so well known for.

Summer Fair

Monday, July 17th, 2017

A big thank you from Oakwood Junior School to all those that attended our Summer Fair last Wednesday afternoon, making our Summer Fair a great success!

Athletics Plus

Thursday, July 6th, 2017
Congratulations to Oakwood Athletics team who had a wonderful morning at Moorways Stadium on Tuesday 27th June.
1. St Clares (146pts)
2. Oakwood (132pts)
3. Alvaston Jr (98pts)
4. Reigate Park (60pts)
5. St Giles (26pts)
Fine performances in all the races, including the 200M, 400M and relays.
Field events included javelin and shot putt, alongside long jump and triple jump.
As always, the children of Oakwood competed to the best of their ability and with a strong sense of fair play.
Narrowly missing out on top spot, Oakwood emerged a very respectable second, silver medal, to end a highly successful mornings event.
All the children came back to school happy and excited.
Thank you to all the children involved and also to Mr Evans and Miss Grundle for their input and assisting them on the day.
In addition a big thank you To Mr Evans and Miss Grundle for the sustained effort and transport of the children to close on 100 events throughout the school year.


Families First Quality Award for SEND Standards

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Oakwood Junior School is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Families First Quality Award for Special Education (SEN).

The assessor commented: ‘The school has demonstrated a commitment to supporting its pupils and those with SEN via a broad and impressive portfolio of evidence. Parental contributions have hilighted the staff’s achievements that have made a real impact on families in both curricular and pastoral support. The engagement of families has been shown using traditional and digital methods, sharing resources that enable SEN support not only in the school’s setting but at home.”


The whole school is pleased that this award recognises our ongoing commitment to supporting both children with additional needs and their families.


Top of the League

Thursday, June 15th, 2017
Yellow League          
Oakwood 14 10 3 1 33
St Joseph’s 14 9 2 3 29
Chellaston 12 5 3 4 18
Dale 12 5 2 5 17
Homefields 14 5 2 7 17
Lakeside 10 2 2 6 8
Shelton 6 2 1 3 7
Cherry Tree 10 0 1 9 1


Our Oakwood 7 aside football team were victorious coming out on top of this years Football League, closely followed by St Joseph’s.


Well done to all that took part this year!