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Class 3

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We recently went for a trip to the very interesting Derby museum. We saw lots of amazing artefacts such as a Viking long ship which was made out of oak.

We found lots of information to take back to school to help us with our Derby topic .

Class 4

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

This week as part of our Derby Fest topic, year 4 has been on a walk to Westfield. First of all we walked down Friar Gate past Derby gaol to the stone heads which marked the beheadings of prisoners. Then we looked at Joseph Pickford’s house and which  has been turned into a museum about his life. After that we walked under the old railway station to the scary Friary which was an old place of worship. Then we looked at the detailed Thomas Bass statue and we all had a go at sketching. We had a fantastic time.   

Class 10

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Class 10, along with the rest of the year, have had quite an exciting term, apart from our revision ready for our SATs, which are in 2 school days! One of the most exciting things we have done this term is learning how to play the Steel Drums, thanks to Mr Richardson, we all worked together as a team and made our own song, it was great fun!

In the run up to our Olympic themed assembly we are going to have a very special visitor, Jenny Hinton, to come in and teach us a dance for our class assembly, this will take place during the SATs week, in the afternoon. Apart from all the hard work and revision coming up for SATs we are exited about all our upcoming events in school!


By Lauren, Holly and Chloe

Class 2

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

This week has been an exciting week for 12 children in our school. 12 children (1 from each class) were chosen by their teacher to have lunch at the top table with Mr Darby and Mrs Fray. We were chosen for good behaviour and outstanding work. We were each given a place setting which had our names in fancy writing. We also had a posh, silver candle in the middle of the table and were given wine glasses to drink our juice! To finish our meal we had after eight mints, yummy! It was great fun to sit at the top table because we were able to have a joke with Mr Darby.


Ben D class 2

Class 8

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Class 8 and the rest of the Year 5’s were really excited this week, when cricket coach Gareth came in to start our cricket coaching, which will be happening every Thursday morning. To start off with, we did get a little bit wet, being outside in the rain, waiting for assembly to finish. But we soon all trooped inside and had our first exciting game of non-stop cricket! We are hoping that Mr. Darby will set up a cricket tournament for us to show off our fantastic skills!

Class 5

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

As the school year has been going on, we have been learning about the fantastic China. Today we are breaking up for Easter and we had Enterprise day and our class made brilliant Door Hangers. But every class made some fabulous things. In third place was class 4 who made plant pots (Miss Dee’s). In 2nd place was class 6 who made pepper mint creams, wind mills, chalk boards and photo frames (Mrs Fray). And in 1st place was . . . the bracelet team.


By Jessica D and Natasha A



Class 11

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

What a busy term we have had! Nearly every day had something special for someone; year four had a China day and learnt some fantastic dancing and year five had a Ghana day where they learnt to play the drums. But the whole school enjoyed the story-telling workshop. Each year had a different story told to them, depending on their topic, and afterwards was given the chance to act out some of the characters roles with a prop (e.g. a wig). Also, today, eight children from year six, who are talented in the netball department, have gone to Chellaston School to play against St John Fisher and Chellaston. We know they’ll win but good luck!

In addition, our school is proud to say that we support the charity: Mary’s Meals. If one of our pupils eats a school dinner, a fraction of the money that they paid for it goes to Mary’s meals. This amazing charity helps all around the world in country’s in poverty, and provides a meal for young children who aren’t as fortunate as we are. So for £2.00 not only would you feed your child; you help feed another hungry child somewhere else in the world

By Emily & Martha

Class 1

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

There have been lots going on in school this week. The year 5’s have had a Ghana day with drumming and dance, year 4 have had a China day. Now we are looking forward to our India day next week.

We are enjoying are new playground with a running track, 2 hopscotch’s and a bullseye. Our favourite is the running track.


By Megan and Emily-Rose

School Council Blog 15th March

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

During this meeting we checked that everything was ready for Super Sports Day on the 21st of March. Just to remind you that you can dress up as your favourite sports personality, such as people like David Beckham (footballer) or Rebecca Adlington (Swimmer), or just in a sporty outfit for only £1 and the money goes to Sport Relief! The best outfit in the class will win a star prize! Connor, Luca and Oliver will be selling sporty foods like fruit and cereal bars at break on the day of the fabulous event, and if that’s not enough Lydia and Alexandra will be selling word-searches and the Lower and Upper School winner will get an Easter Egg, LUCKY YOU!!!! Oh, by the way Teachers you don’t have to worry about collecting the money in because School Council have it sorted, we will be stood at the classroom door with a plastic wallet or an envelope and peoples money will be placed in it as they enter the classroom. You’re welcome!

Class 7

Monday, March 12th, 2012

What a fun week we have had!


Starting this week in school, we began our book topic. We are reading ‘The Tunnel’ by Andrew Browne. It is about a brother and sister who’s relationship is put to the test when the go through a tunnel! We won’t say any more as we strongly recommend you read this book.


On Tuesday the school were treated to a story telling day, where each year group had the chance to share a story from the culture of the topic they are learning about. As we are learning about Ghana, our story was about an African village that had become overrun with Baboons! It was such good fun acting it out and finding out about their culture.


On Thursday, Joseph Wright a famous artist, who was from Derby, came to visit us in school to share his journey of how he became a famous artist. He was not the real Joseph Wright but it was fun listening to him.


Next week is year 5’s Ghana Day so we are really looking forward to that!


Class 7