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Derby Fest Open Evening

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

What a busy term we have had with fun trips, interesting speakers, the open afternoons and much more based on our Derby topic. Although the most popular event proved to be the fantastic open evening, which was held on the 13th April.

In each class there were unique activities set such as craft, quizzes and presentations. A personal favourite was the quiz room in class six because if you took part in it you would win a yummy scrummy creme egg! As well as that, in our large hall there was a cafe named ‘Cafe Derbeian’, which sold scones with delicious jam and tasty cream that came with a lovely cup of tea, or for the children juice and cookie. How posh is that? There were a lot more fun activities to do including food tasting, glass painting and even some brave pupils dressed up as historical figures! We hope everyone that came greatly enjoyed themselves and will want to come to all of Oakwood Junior school’s magnificent events in the future.

Class 8

An exciting week by Class 1

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

During this week we had a visitor from Derby art gallery called Ron who came in to tell us about Joseph Wright. Joseph Wright was a very famous artist and he painted many different paintings such as landscapes, portraits and story paintings. We have also had two parent’s afternoons. Where parents came in to see some of our Derby fest work and we had a challenge to do. We had half a page of a photo and we had to draw the other half it was very tricky!!!!!

By Tyler G and Chloe W

Derby Fest by Class 10

Friday, April 1st, 2011

At Oakwood Junior School this week we have been going on lots of trips to our local area, which fits in very well with the Derby Fest Topic we’ve been doing. Year 6 have been to the Roundhouse College, looking around Normanton Road and a selected few went into town and looked in the Local Studies Library and took some photographs in the Cathedral Quarter. Another trip was for Year 3 when they went to Allenton and looked at the area around there.

Our school has loved going on all of our fantastic trips! We all hope we have some more soon!