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Rainforest Project by Class 6

Monday, June 27th, 2011

This week in Class 6 we have been very creative: making things such as rainforest masks, temples out of straws and posters for our rainforest project. We also did a new subject in maths which is division using the bus stop method (challenging to start but we all feel as though we have succeeded in the end). On Thursday a visitor came and her name was Alison, for the next 6 weeks we will be working on our Guatemalan experience which is based around numeracy. This will culminate in a Guatemalan Expo  at the end of term. Alison works as an architect and has designed many buildings. This week has been one of the most exciting weeks of the year.

Matthew and Tyler.

African Adventure in Class 9!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

So far we have had a very busy term which has included many things such as the African Workshop and Upper School Achievement Assembly (well done Bradley who was chosen in our class).

In the African Workshop, which was on Monday 16th May, we had a brilliant cookery session.  We made dumplings which were yummy! We used a pinch of salt, some self raising flour and a touch of fresh water. We also tried some banana salted chips and some Bula cake (delicious) after trying the foods we were so full up!

After the fabulous cooking session we went to an art workshop and created our own designs either by block printing or fabric craft. We were very excited when we got to take it home.

We had a very busy but very fun term and we can’t wait to learn more  about Ghana!


By Caitlin, Lauren  and Jamie .