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Class 12

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Welcome back!  We hope that you have had a fun and relaxing half term.  Class 12 got up to all sorts, including horse riding, visiting Twin Lakes, baking, spending money and buying exciting things.

Last half term we performed our class assembly on ‘Macbeth’.  We had an amazing cast and crew, starring:

Jack as Macbeth  (Rather large headed!!!)

Rachel as Lady Macbeth  (A.K.A Delilah – why, why, why!)

Connor as Banquo  (Nice tash, we mean sash!)

Ethan as King Duncan  (15 seconds of fame!)

Amber, Jane and Ellie as the Three Ugly Crones  (He, he!)

Mustafaa as the Royal Messenger  (Great comic timing – fancy coming for tea?)

Philip as William Shakespeare  (Definitely nice tash!)

Abby as Shakespeare’s sidekick  (We didn’t know he had one either!)

We really enjoyed working as a team, especially on the song.  It was clever the way the words of Delilah were changed to the Macbeth story, which made the song funny – ha, ha, ha!  High five to Mrs H for the lyrics.

A child in year 3 said to Ellie that it was the best assembly ever – we certainly agree!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We are very much looking forward to the assemblies this half term.

Class 12


School Council

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

At the recent  school council meeting we came up with an idea for sport relief. A day of ‘super sports’. We dress up as a sports person or a footballer. It will cost£1.00 to take part and will take place on the March 21st . Can’t wait!

Class 9

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Art and Numeracy Day On the 26th January year 5 had an exciting art and numeracy day. As part of our learning each class did their own activity in their own class, then swopped in the afternoon with a different class. During the day we did three different activities such as: learning about tangrams and making our own, all about Kandinsky’s abstract art work, unfortunately class 9 didn’t get to learn about symmetry but we heard it was great fun. All of our excellent work is being displayed in the year 5 area, feel free to take a look, it’s definitely worth it!

Space Walk Yesterday, class 9 went on a spectacular science walk all about space. We had pieces of card with the names of the planets on, and objects glued on to give us a rough idea of the  size compared to the sun. For example if the sun was a basketball earth would be a peppercorn! We stared off on the playground (where we plotted the sun) and took strides, each stride stands for 3,600,000 miles now that’s a lot! We did this to help us understand the distance and sizes of the planets and how far away they are from the sun.

By Emily, Sian and Jake

Class 3

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Class 3 This half term our topic has been the Victorians, in particular the lives of rich and poor children during this period. We have also found out about the Victorian artist William Morris and studied his designs. We then looked at how he used symmetry and repeated patterns in his work before printing our own wallpaper. We are now writing shape poems to show some of the things we have learnt.