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Class 8

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Class 8 and the rest of the Year 5’s were really excited this week, when cricket coach Gareth came in to start our cricket coaching, which will be happening every Thursday morning. To start off with, we did get a little bit wet, being outside in the rain, waiting for assembly to finish. But we soon all trooped inside and had our first exciting game of non-stop cricket! We are hoping that Mr. Darby will set up a cricket tournament for us to show off our fantastic skills!

Class 5

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

As the school year has been going on, we have been learning about the fantastic China. Today we are breaking up for Easter and we had Enterprise day and our class made brilliant Door Hangers. But every class made some fabulous things. In third place was class 4 who made plant pots (Miss Dee’s). In 2nd place was class 6 who made pepper mint creams, wind mills, chalk boards and photo frames (Mrs Fray). And in 1st place was . . . the bracelet team.


By Jessica D and Natasha A