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Class 7

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

We have been hard at work with our assessments this week and although some of them were challenging we tried our best!

As a special treat, Year 5’s got to take part in a Cycle Cross Day. We had lots of fun racing around the track and competing in Olympic style events. This was interesting as it will help us with our Olympic topic too.

Cyclo Cross

Class 6 Jubilee

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

On Friday, we had a Jubilee Picnic which our Parents and Grandparents came to. We all dressed up in Union Jack related clothes! In Assembly, we had a competition for the best outfit in each year group. The following were winners: Kiera, Jake, Lauren andLydia. They were all given a Jubilee mug and a pack of ‘Limited Edition Jubilee Chocolate’. After Assembly we all went back into our classrooms to do our Jubilee packs. Then it was break time we had our usual free choice snack.


Finally it was lunchtime we had our lunch outside like a real picnic, we had music on and our parents sat out with us. After we had Lunch we had a play on the playground, then went into class. Inside we had lots of activities which were: Making Jubilee kites, decorating biscuits and making a box for our biscuits. When we finished doing all of that we went outside to fly our kites! Soon, it was Home time and we all had a fantastic time!

Class 12

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Hi! We are writing on behalf of Class 12 and, wow, what a tough few weeks we’ve been through in Year 6!


At the beginning of the term, we started to revise for SATS (it lasted for a whole month!). It was extremely difficult to cram everything into our heads under pressure and a time limit for everybody. Despite this, we worked impossibly hard and it -luckily- paid off as we felt ready for anything and, in addition, confident!


So it was the time of the ‘dreaded’ SATS, it was sooo stressful, we didn’t know what we were thinking, we were terrified!!! It really wasn’t that bad as we all expected, we can admit that it was a challenge but we were ready thanks to our wondrous teachers (not in any particular order!) : Mrs Hogkinson, Mrs Enright and Mrs Stuart/Miss Winslow! So our reading test was a challenge but also OK and we felt that we COULD do it after all. As for the writing, we liked the tasks and we showed off our skills. Finally, the maths was tricky but fair! After all our stressing we got a PARTY! It was so cool; we got pizza and ice cream, listened to awesome music, wouldn’t you say we deserved a celebration?!


Since then, we got stuck in with much more creative things such as art and athletic, working towards awards!


Today we are having an end of term celebration for the Queens Jubilee!!!