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Class 8

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

On Thursday we had a FANTASTIC SUMMER FAYRE. We ordered a lot of cool things to happen, fighting knights, a man on stilts, bouncy castles and lots more!! Each class made their own game and if you won you would get a BRILLIANT prize. We also hoped for amazing weather which came gratefully. We also had a White Elephant Store which was a BIG HIT, because everybody got what they needed. We raised a lot of money which in total WAS A WHOPPING AMOUNT OF £1,052.02. We had a lot of fun and raised lots of money and the fayre was worth waiting for. This shows how SPECIAL OAKWOOD JUNIOR SCHOOL IS!!

Class 1

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Last Thursday we went to see the Vile Victorians at the Derby theatre. Did you know that the second half was 3D and our favourite part of 3D was when the bridge fell apart?

A man went on Britain’s got bravery and his job was to be a chimney sweep boy, but when he got to the top he died.

We really enjoyed it why don’t you come and watch it?