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Houses of Parliament Trip

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Last Wednesday Year six children from Oakwood Junior School in Derby practised making a new law in the Houses of Parliament, as well as taking an amazing tour around each different House.


After the long journey, punctuated by some travel sickness, the luxury coach arrived and parked on the other side of the road to the Houses of Parliament. The children took a tour through the colossal Westminster Hall and the very important House of Lord where the young children saw the Queen throne and Baroness Tani-Grey-Thompson!


Once the mind-blowing tour was completed the children went to a workshop to take a recap quiz. The child champion was Carter  with a whopping 83%. Their next task was to create a new law; however it wasn’t a real one!

“Our group suggested you should get paid £15 to go to school each day!” Lewis  explained to me. He went on to say that it would be to much for the Government to pay!


Finally after the exiting debate the children decided not to go with the Bill. All-in-all the 10 and 11 year olds enjoyed their terrific trip despite the terrible traffic and the huge amount of smelly sick!



Class 3

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

On Friday we did our class assembly which was all about some of the things we have learnt this term.

Ethan and Keeley read out their excellent hippo reports. Did you know that hippos can submerge themselves under water to search for food?

The science group were so funny that they made us burst out with laughter especially when they pretended to make an enormous chocolate cake!

We listened to peaceful music when Mother Theresa came up on stage (it was really Aaliyah) because she cared for and helped people around the world.

The Roman group was so funny and interesting because  we dressed people up as Roman soldiers!

Everyone loved our assembly and couldn’t stop clapping! We loved performing it!

By Callum and Keeley.

Oakwood Choir

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

On Friday 16th November we went to Conkers, for Children In Need. We had been practising our song, Bridge Over Troubled Water, for the last three weeks and were finally ready for our big night of fame. We had already been interviewed by the local news and sung on the radio, over the last few weeks, but this was the main event. We got to Conkers early to have a rehearsal with the other two schools and to practise with the cameras and producer. We had lots of fun performing, first on the news and finally for the Children In Need programme on BBC1. It was a great night!


Oakwood Junior Choir



Class 6

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

On Friday 23rd November two strange people came in to school. They were called Master John and Lady Elizabeth. With Master John we made soap balls. First we had to crumple some dried out rose petals. Next, we had to mix some grated soap. After that, we tipped the rose petals on our desk and halved it. Then we scraped half of it in to the bowl of soap. Next, we added some rose water to the soap, so we could scrape the soap to the side of the bowl. Then we made it into a ball. Later on we went back in to the hall to meet Lady Elizabeth again.  She taught us how to dance and give reverence for if we ever had to go to Tudor court.


On Thursday 29th November, it was our class assembly. We did a scene on the ferocious Battle of Bosworth then a scene on Henry 8th. We were fighting in a furious battle. Most of Richards’s men died in this battle and the Stanley brothers joined Henry Tudor’s team.  “Victory is ours!” bellowed Henry Tudor as he was crowned and became King Henry 7th. As we set up for the 2 scene our six wives and Henry 8th got ready for their part.  Ant and Dec sat on their seats and in their T.V!  After that they threw their T.V. away and gave a warm welcome to Henry 8th. His six wives came on one at a time. Then it was the end but first there was a Tudor song.  It was very funny and we really enjoyed performing it!

By Megan N-B and Sophie.G