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Class 7

Monday, March 25th, 2013

What an interesting, fun and busy few weeks Year 5 has had!


We have all been working very hard during our assessments and are pleased with our results.


Class 7 had the chance to visit Noel Baker Community School to take part in a post Olympic Sporting Event. During the afternoon, we had fun participating in Track and Field Events and Basketball. We were very proud to have won the trophy for being the fastest in the relay races.


Whilst most of class 7 were competing  at Noel Baker, some other Year 5 children were taking part in a road safety cycle training course, which we enjoyed and learnt how to be safe cycling on the roads.


This week we had a science surprise, where our school hall was transformed into an amazing Star Dome to learn all about Earth and beyond. The myths and legends of the stars we heard were linked to our Ancient Greek topic.


To continue our busy week, we went to St Mary’s Church and got involved with some Easter Activities, were we enjoyed re-enacting some of the important parts that lead up to Easter and learnt why Easter is important to Christians.


Class 1

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Last week was the dreaded assessment week. However, we all survived and worked very hard and so should have some good results to show soon.

We spent some of the week looking at the book called “The Tear Thief.” We created our own tears using pastels and decorated them with hand writing pen, writing different phases around the edge. We also designed some Wanted posters to help capture the Tear Thief.

JB won the Special Person Award and so we have had the genuine faux leather tub chair in our classroom for the whole week. Along with his friends he has been busy doing important jobs around school.

Reading Week

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Last Week, Oakwood Junior School had a FABULOUS Reading Week. We all had lots of exciting activities/workshops to do with the books we have been reading over the last few weeks.


It started (on Monday) with year 3 and 4 having a super story telling workshop with a professional lady who helped the children develop their own characters, plots and adventurous stories. At lunchtime, everybody had the choice to kick back and relax whilst listening to some great stories – as told by some great storytelling teachers.


Tuesday, THE BIG BOOK SWAP! About three quarters of the WHOLE school visited class 12 to exchange their (old, but in good condition) book for another person’s book. There were hundreds of them. Nearly everybody turned up to get a new interesting book. We even had book tokens!


SUPER READING DAY! (Wednesday) Oakwood Junior School had a whole day of their chosen book. Class 10 chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the original). They discussed what each characters personality, appearance and even got the chance to have a go at drawing Jeff Kinney’s characters – Greg, his mum and dad, Rodrick and Rowley. The whole school had a fantastic day!


World Book Day, Thursday, the children used their powers of deduction and worked out which precious book belonged to which mystery teacher- there was a Waterstones voucher for the winner. At lunch there was another super storytelling workshop for everyone.


Friday, everybody had their say on how interesting their book was. Just about every pupil turned up between 12:50 – 1:15 to design and create their very own bookmark.



Big thanks to Mr Darby and Mrs Hodgkinson for letting this week happen!

Class 5

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Welcome back after your fantastic half-term, we hope everyone had a great time. What did you do in your half-term? Have you been swimming, cinema, or McDonalds?

Before half-term we raised money for the British Heart Foundation by wearing excellent red outfits to school. What red outfits did you see? We saw people with red hair dye, wigs , people with red dresses and trousers. Everything was RED!

This week we have been investigating what materials conduct electricity and what materials are conductors, in science. We also found out that electricity can travel through certain materials such as tinfoil, safety pin and paper clips.