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Class 3

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Class 3 had a great week!  We went out for a walk along Holbrook Road!  “ Why?”, you might be thinking, well we had to do a survey on all the different houses such as: bungalows, detached, semi-detached and terrace houses.  Surprisingly, we found out that most people live in bungalows on Holbrook Road! This is part of our topic learning.


Also, class 3 are having another great week because we are busy making pom-poms for Enterprise Day which is on Friday. We hope everyone enjoys looking at, and buying, our pom-poms! Hopefully we will also be selling rice crispie cakes for fun.

This will be a great end to this half term!


Adam  and Lola-Mae

Class 12

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

SATs week has finally arrived for the year 6 students in Oakwood Junior School! We arrived at school on Monday morning feeling anxious, nervous and some of us sick! (We will tell you about this later). After break we had our first ever exam- the reading test. Nervously, Mrs. Stuart opened the question papers with the help of Mr. Darby, who was watching over the proceedings. We were relieved to see that the test was all about wolves, Nathan’s favourite, with an extract from The Jungle Book. We could not believe it when half way through the test someone was sick! Well done though for carrying on. The next day we did our grammar, punctuation and spelling test, the first ever in the country. We found it really easy and we’re all hopeful that we do well. Megan, who did the level 6 test, thought the writing part of the test was rather difficult; however we know she would have done really well.


On Wednesday we had a chance to show our amazing mathematical skills in the mental maths test and the paper A test we were all relieved when we got the question how much will the mug hold? Mrs Stuart was relieved when some of the questions which came up were the ones we revised. Paper A was fair and we all worked to the best of our abilities. On the other hand, paper B which we did on the Thursday was hard apart from Matthew, Jasmine,Tyler and Megan who thought it was easy. We all feel ecstatic and relieved that SATs week is over, and we can’t wait for our SATs party which is on the Friday afternoon.

Class 4

Monday, May 13th, 2013

On the 9th of May 2013 class 4 excitedly took a trip to the Derby museum in town on a coach at 9:15 am. When we arrived a lady called Katrina welcomed us. She guided us to the Joseph Wright gallery where we met a young lady called Luciana. She showed us some photographs of some sites that were built in Ancient Egypt. There were pictures of a pyramid, the River Nile, a temple, farming and Tutankhamen.

Then we got dressed into linen clothes. They used linen for clothes to keep them nice and cool. After we got dressed we walked to the mummies, one in a coffin and one of them were called pepeayu. We could see his face, toes and hands. We got to mummify Casey and Aimee. After we made our own shabti figure . They were made out of clay . Then we ate lunch and then walked around the museum. Our favourite exhibit was the Soldiers Story because there were lots of exciting activities for us to join in with.

Class 6

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

We are in the second week of our exciting summer term after a lovely two weeks off.


Year 4 are carrying on with their fascinating Ancient Egyptian topic and are really looking forward to our amazing trip to the museum where we will look at Egyptian artifacts and learn more about mummification. In literacy we are writing adventure stories in Egypt where the character makes an incredible discovery and takes it to a museum, which is in the capital city Cairo.


In our science topic we are learning about skeletons and our body. In our first lesson we learnt about moving and growing. We also had to answer some questions like what do you already know? And what you would like to know? We also got a picture of a skeleton with bones down the side and we needed to label the skeleton. The second week we made a skeleton out of paper and drew some of it with chalk it was fantastic. We can’t wait to learn more!


In school we have a new reward system called credits, which are points you get for making the right choices in school. When you get 10 credits you get a 10 credit note. If you save them up you receive a special reward.


Finally, tomorrow we will be voting for our school team names.

How exciting is that!!!