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Science Fair

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

On Friday 5th July, Oakwood Junior School, held its first Science Fair as part of our work towards the Primary Science Quality Award. The children demonstrated to parents various science experiments which they had investigated during Science Day.

Over 120 parents attended the event where they learnt just as much as the children did! All the children explained their demonstrations excellently and were a credit to the school. We look forward to next years Science Fair and some more super science in school!

Parent Comments

Interesting, I learnt a few things that I didn’t know already and discovered a few things I’d like to try with my children.

Year 3 parent

It was a great experience to see the children so enthusiastic about science.

Year 4 parent

A very well thought out and enjoyable exhibition. All the children have worked extremely hard and enjoyed showing all the experiments. A very well done to all who participated to make this event a huge success. I enjoyed it very much!

Year 5 parent

Lea Green

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

This BLOG is about 30 year 6 children who visited Lea Green early this week. When we were there we got up to all sorts of different things. WE HAD GREAT FUN! 

This picture was taken by Mrs Enright at Lea Green when Miss Hurt and Miss Latham took the courage to go on the massive Team Swing. The team swing is where the rest of the group pull on a rope to make the teachers/children up and the string here makes them drop down like a swing!!!!




There was lots to do at Lea Green such as:

  • Team swing
  • Water slide
  • Stream walk
  • Obstacle course
  • High ropes
  • Recreation (spare time)
  • GPS hunt
  • Bush craft


As well as this, the people there were extremely caring and helpful to everyone! Even though we enjoyed ourselves, quite a lot of year 6s want to go back to challenge themselves a little bit more.  


Class 7

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Last week we took part in Science day. A man named ‘cool’ Pete showed the whole school in assembly his cow invention with a pressurised bottle from liquid nitrogen and a number of other experiments including freezing grapes and forces acting on a train. This was a great experience for the whole school as it encouraged us to take part in more science activities. During the assembly some people from each year group has chance to take part in experiments in the hall with ‘cool’ Pete.

At break ‘cool’ Pete launched a rocket in the playground and it went really high. The first time it shot off, it went so high it went on the roof! The rocket flew five times the height of the school and the caretaker had to retrieve it.

Our class tried to blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar to create a reaction that released CO2. The best part of the day was sharing our experiment with Class 1. Science day was a great opportunity to share our class experiment with other people in school. We look forward to sharing our science investigation with parents/carers during the Science Fair on Friday.