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Class 8

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The best thing about starting school again has been meeting our new teacher Mrs. Enright. We’ve started a new system called team points this is where each child is put in a team either Hawks, Owls, Falcons or Eagles.

The aim for each and every pupil is to get the most team points in their class. Team points are basically good behavior points. If you get the most team points in your class you will get your name written on a orange piece of paper that will be put in a lottery  draw. If you get picked out you will become student of the week.Student of the week is where you get to sit in the brainy chair ( a comfy chair)  and you get to do important jobs for Mr Darby. On the 20th of September all the teams met up in separate classroom for the first time to nominate a team captain and a vice captain. They have badges as well which they have to wear.


Green Folders 

This year we have started a new system were each pupil has their own folders with the school logo on the front. We record our times tables tests and the time it took us to finish, our targets and our.



Last year we did outdoor P.E with premier sports but now we do with our teachers however we still do indoor P.E with premier sports.


Thursday, September 26th, 2013


In 2013 I joined the Derby Rugby Club. I am looking to train with them and hope to play regular rugby.  In the training, we learned how to do pile- ons and scrums.


The most exciting part of it was that we played contact rugby, and I’m going to play in a match on the 29th of September this year. I am amazed to see how much I have improved on my training!


About The Building


The clubhouse is a very big place, where you play rugby, get refreshing drinks and have lots of fun.  On the balcony,  there is an astonishing view,  with the rugby field just below. On the second floor in the building, where there is a pub.

By Harrison



Class 2

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

We have been having a great week moving in to Oakwood Junior School! We are enjoying being at Oakwood Juniors because it is so big! There are lots of things to remember like bringing our books to school, remembering the school rules and remembering to read our books 3 times a week so we can get 100% in our quiz.

In science we have been learning about materials. Miss Bramley had a big bag of different materials; we put our hand in the bag and described how the materials felt. We used words like soft, cold, rigid and hard.

We have also completed a times table challenge, it was hard but we’re confident we can improve our score by next week!

We are so excited to start swimming on Wednesday because we love getting wet and splashing around! A few children in class 2 are confident they are going to become an Olympic swimmer when they grow up so watch this space!

We are also looking forward to our art lessons. We have been looking at mixing colours and we will be making some mosaic pictures soon.