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Class 5

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

We hope you all had a good half term and are ready for an exciting term to come…Class 5 are looking forward to lots of exciting events, like the Christmas lunch, Christmas fare and seeing Horrible Histories at the Derby Theatre. We are all very excited about the year 4 Christmas production and we have already began learning our lines and practicing our songs! Some of us have got lots of lines to learn so we are going to need lots of practice. We are also looking forward to hearing how well we have done on our assessments this term because we have been working really hard in year 4.

Class 10

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Last week, year 6 had some very exciting learning experiences including a World War 2 autobiography play and a reading performance (which was for the whole school). The World War 2 play was brilliant because there were lots of facts to learn even though we already knew some of them. We were introduced to Tommy Britton, who was an evacuee from World War II. He told us all about his life during the war and we even got to see how children dressed back then. Some of us got the chance to dress up as evacuees and soldiers, which was very funny! As well as this, we also got to see a gas mask that was used! One of the interesting things that we learnt was how they used posters and advertisements to stop people from letting slip important information about how the war was going.

 The reading performance was a really good treat because it was very enthusiastic and energetic! The performance only had two actors but they played lots of different characters. They were dancing and singing and we got to join in too! In this performance, we learnt to not judge a book by its cover because if you do you won’t know what adventures you might be missing. We also learned that using our imaginations can help us enjoy reading even more!

 By Natasha A

Typhoon Haiyan appeal for the Philippines.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Thank you  Thank you  Thank you


Class 12 would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, carers and pupils of Oakwood Junior School for collecting so many items for the Typhoon Haiyan appeal for the Philippines.

We have been inundated with food, clothes and toiletries – so much so that our classroom has been overrun by plastic bags! 


All our items were collected by Ed – a Filipino who runs the Derby-Filipino Community on Thursday. More will be collected on Friday. All our supplies will be going out to the Philippines on Sunday afternoon to replenish Red Cross supplies.


We will continue to collect items in school over the coming months. However, if you have anymore items you can drop things off on Sunday between 12pm and 4pm at Bramblebrook Community Centre, Stockbrook Street, Derby DE22 3WP.


Thank you once again – we are so grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity.



Boy’s Football Finals

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Oakwood boy’s 7 a side football team arrived in Chesterfield for the County Finals at Brookfield Community School in high spirits and full of confidence.

We were aware that the standard of football would be high and that we needed to be on top form to get through the group stage. Thankfully Oakwood were ready for the challenge and won their first group game 1 – 0 against Dovedale. After dominating the game against Heathfields, Oakwood could only manage a draw 0 – 0. Things looked gloomy as the rain came down and we lost the next match (against the run of play) 1 – 0. The tension was high when we realised Oakwood would need to win the final group game to go through to the semi final. In a fine battle Oakwood came out 2 – 0 winners to gain that last four spot.

William Gilbert were the oppostion in our semi final. We knew they were a good team from past experience. Oakwood put up a spirited fight in a tense ‘end to end’ game. Both sides giving their all. From a corner a late goal was scored by a William Gilbert striker. This goal proved to be the vital one!

As ever Oakwood were gracious in defeat and wished William Gilbert the best of luck in the final, which they won with a penalty.

We rallied to win third spot via a play-off. With the score 0 – 0 at full time and with the scores were still level at extra time, the game went to penalties. Oakwood just easing through 3 -2.

All in all a very interesting and eventful day. With some lovely memories for all involved.


Mr Higgins

Class 9

Monday, November 4th, 2013

This half term we have been doing some amazing events such as a pro kick challenge. There is a Halloween disco coming up in a few days time. There will be prizes given to the best dressed up boy and girl in different year groups. In literacy we have been learning about poetry and the different features of them. As a class we made a poem of different parts of the sea.


The school take place in many sports events such as Tag Rugby, Football and Cricket. Pro kick is a fun sport to see how fast you can kick the ball. Pro kick is run by a famous football player called Lee Canonville and he used to play for Arsenal andForest.


In ICT we have been learning how to change the font, the colour and how to textbox in our writing. We have also learnt other tricky things and different techniques.


In science we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We have done an experiment to see if air has mass by getting a meter stick some string and two balloons. We tied three pieces of string on to the ends and one in the middle. We popped one balloons with a drawing pin and the balloon with air in went up which proved air has mass.


In R.E. we have been learning about Islam and different religions. We have learnt about a big building called a Mosque. A Mosque is a big building where Muslims and people of different religions go to pray. Before you enter the Mosque you have to remove your shoes and you have to wash your hands, your feet and you mouth.


In P.E. we have been doing lots of different sports such as tag rugby, netball and hockey. We have also been doing P.E. with premier sports. We have been doing gymnastics learning different techniques. We have learnt different rolls, jumps, balances and flexible movements.


In literacy we have been learning about poetry and the different features of them. As a class we made a long poem on the computer about the sea. We made a sentence each on different parts of the picture a put it together.

Halloween Disco

On the 24th of October there was a Halloween disco. The winner for the best outfits was Millie in year 5. She was dressed up as a sleeping zombie. There were drinks, chocolate and crisps and Mr Higgins was wearing fancy dress. I wish he would take his mask off.