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The Westfield Christmas Choir Competition

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

After a very tough job of choosing 25 members of our fantastic Senior Choir, we spent many weeks preparing for this year’s competition. The choir sang to a high standard and with great enthusiasm. They all performed brilliantly in the first round which took place at the Westfield Centre. The judges gave them a lot of positive feedback and to our delight they progressed to the final of the competition which took place last week. They were one of five schools in the final, beating over fifteen other cools. Yet again, they performed well with great focus and enthusiasm. Their hard work resulted in being runners up in the final which is a great achievement! Well done to all the children from Years 5 and 6 who took part. You did us proud!

Class 6

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

In class 6 we are getting into the Christmas spirit and have decorated our class Christmas tree with bows and baubles. Year 4 is doing a Christmas production about a headmaster called Mr Humbug and he dislikes Christmas. He is based on scrooge in Charles Dickens’s Christmas Carol.

 During book week we have been reading The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy. It is set in a forest and so we painted leaves in autumn colours and then we wrote our favourite similes from the book in gold or silver pens. In addition, we have made tree houses like the one in the book out of recycled materials.

 In Topic we have been finding out about Ancient Egypt. We have learnt about The River Nile, mummification, hieroglyphics and the Pharaohs. Here is fact about Tutankhamun. He was crowned pharaoh aged 9 and died when he was in his teens. He is known as the boy king.

In science we are learning about bones and our bodies. Mr Wild showed us an x-ray of his shoulder from when he broke his collar bone.

Class 11

Monday, December 9th, 2013

During the last few weeks, Class 11’s literacy lessons have all been based on a book called Rose Blanche, which is set in Germany in the Second World War.

We read the book in stages and completed various tasks at different points of the story including writing a diary entry to describe Rose’s feelings when the war broke out. 

In addition, we wrote an eye-witness account about an incident which involved a young Jewish boy escaping from some German soldiers and we also practised using ‘where phrases’ to describe one of the scenes illustrated in the book. Although we found using ‘where phrases’ quite tricky, in the end we were very proud of our writing. 

Finally we wrote an alternative ending using ‘war language’ personification which included phrases such as ‘scarlet poppies advanced across the rutted tracks’ and ‘fluffy white clouds paraded across the smiling sky’ 

Overall, Class 11 really enjoyed our lessons based on the book, even though it was a very emotional story. We’d definitely recommend Rose Blanche to other children our age.

Class 7

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

The first thing we did was perform our amazingly brilliant class assembly all about Roald Dahl staring the fierce Miss Trunch Ball played by Molly  who had to shout a lot! Although we didn’t have much time to practice we really enjoyed the performance.


 Children in Need Day 

Class 7 absolutely loved Pudsey bear day especially when Miss Longmate gave Pudsey bear a gigantic hug! We were so proud that Molly and Lily raised nearly £100 for the Pudsey money box.


What is different about the library? 

The first new thing is that you can come and read during your lunch break and sit on the comfy chairs! The second new thing is the author club ran by Miss Longmate on Monday with the year three’s. The final new addition to the library is that years 3 and 4 can now come and listen to Tegan and Amelia, from year 6, reading.


The Mosque Trip


Year 5 have had a fabulous trip on Thursday the 14th of November to Jamia mosque as part as our RE. We had lots of fun but we had to take our smelly shoes off! We learnt a lot of Arabic words and lots of new facts about Islam.  we had to wear a hat or scarf on our heads to show a sign of respect.


Anti-bullying Week

On Monday 18th November English Schools celebrated  an event called Anti-Bullying Week. As we are a wonderful school, we celebrated by designing an anti-bulling poster and the best ones were chosen to be school screensavers! We had fun and we will work together to keep Oakwood a happy place!