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Class 9

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Ancient Greek day

 On Thursday the 15th of January, year 5 had a fantastic Ancient Greek day where a man came in and was really funny and told us a lot about Ancient Greece. A lot of children got to act out different parts such as the Spartans, slaves and the Athenians. We also got to do 3 different activities. The 3 activities were practicing to battle like an ancient Greek warrior, looking at different ancient Greek artefacts and an ancient Greek game called tri ball.

 Our space topic

 On Wednesday the 22nd of January class9 were making paper mache for their display on space. We were making planets such as Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, earth, mars, Pluto, Saturn, mercury, Uranus, sun and the asteroid belts. We have turned our reading corner into a space corner.


Class 2

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Yesterday I rushed to school and got ready for assembly. After assembly we all got our jotters and wrote a poem. I wrote about cats and I was the first one to come up. At the end of the day we went into the hall and listened to children’s poems.



At the start of the day I rushed to school to meet Andy Tooze. After the assembly Andy Tooze told us to get our jotters. At the end it was so sad I nearly cried and then we went home.

By Rhys

 Our Poems

My cat My cat is just so amazing. It follows me to school. My cat My cat is just so a fool. He just wants to mess about in the plastic pool. My Cat My Cat is so so awesome he just wants to eat his food just like his old annoying Mother Flash!  By Alex


Monkey Monkey you’re such fun. Come back another day you’re such fun! Come back, come back I LOVE YOU MONKEY! Better than my Mum!!!!  By Rhys