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Class 11

Monday, February 24th, 2014

On Thursday of this week, children in Class 11 began making puppets based on characters from a Shakespeare play-Macbeth. Some of them included Macbeth, Banquo, Lady Macbeth and the three witches. The children were asked to bring in different materials to create realistic characters and fortunately Mrs Warwick was well prepared with three boxes full of wool/material/pipe cleaners etc! We all had lots of fun creating the puppets and also using them in mini puppet shows!

In literacy lessons our class have been writing newspaper articles also based on Macbeth. They have written two altogether over the last couple of weeks: the first one was about when a group of actors came into our school to perform Macbeth while the second one was about Macbeth going to jail! Christopher received the honour of having his article published in the school newspaper whilst Chelsea typed her article up for Mr Darby’s book in the reception area!

By Tom and Mason

Class 10

Monday, February 10th, 2014

On Friday 31st January, our class put on a blood filled performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The whole school and our parents came to watch what we had been learning about. After lots of hard work and enthusiasm, our performance was a great success.

The play had fighting, murder, tragedy and treason but it also had funny parts! When the turkey flew off the table, the audience laughed. We thoroughly enjoyed putting on the play because we worked so hard and it all paid off. Kaitlin, who was one of the witches, said ‘it was brilliant! I enjoyed acting and I think that everyone did well.’

In class we are writing a newspaper report about the performance and the best one will be chosen to go in the school newspaper! We had to interview different people in school to find out their thoughts about the play. One of the teachers we interviewed was Mrs Roberts, who has just come back from maternity leave, and she stated ‘I thought it was fantastic! Everyone knew their lines and the acting was superb especially Macbeth!’

From all the class we say Thank you for everyone’s support.

Emilie and Kaitlin


Class 12

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

What a week

On Tuesday the 21st and 22nd of January, Ofsted Inspectors came to our school. Julie, Jane and Steve came through every classroom and spoke to Chris, Chloe, George, Natalie and Chloe, to ask what we thought about the school and of course we all had very positive complements! We were all very nervous, as they only come once in three years. We all came in our neatest uniform so that we could look smart for their arrival. Ofsted looked at pupil’s books and assertive mentoring folders to see if they were at the right standard, watched our lessons and interviewed us. Although we haven’t been told the official verdict, we guess that we have done ok by the grins on the teacher’s faces!


By Jake, Chris, Chloe, Lara and Natalie


Class 12’s learning this week


Lately we have been working really hard to reach our goal of 100% on our accelerated reader. After weeks of thorough reading we reached our goal. On Friday we unfortunately came down to 85% but we are still extremely proud of our achievement. This is our best one yet and everyone has been reading at home – except one or two of us!


In art, design and technology we are making puppets of Macbeth characters with paper mache heads, two sticks and materials from home. Kian from our class is making a witch puppet with a green face, a wart on the end of its nose, horrible scruffy hair out of string and cotton and a ragged dress.


In times tables we are aiming to finally get a certificate for the first time which sadly we currently haven’t got yet. In Class 12 Jack, one of the cleverest boys in our class, is currently on test six and soon going on to test seven which might probably be the last test if Mrs Stuart doesn’t write another one-she probably will though!


Joe, Kian, George


We have included in our blog some examples of good quality work from Jack and James. They have both been working really hard on their writing and have made significant improvements over the term. We hope you enjoy them!
Click here for James’ work
Click here for Jack’s work


The Macbeth Play

On Friday the 24th of January 2014, year 6 had the Manchester Actors Company (Alex, James, Lily and Scott) come in and perform Macbeth. This was a great experience for us rather than an exercise in academic study, and to enjoy a live theatre action packed play. Watching this play helped us understand more about our topic for this term. After the play we were able to ask the actors questions to their characters or about the play. This was defiantly a morning to remember and we hope to see them again soon in our school.

                                      By Amelia, Sam, Chloe, Joshua



On Thursday 23rd of January the brilliant the super athletics team from Oakwood, consisting of George, Jack, Tyler and Tegan. The first race the 2×1 for the boys was won by Tyler and Jack. Oakwood carried on their winning form in the 4×1 relay with Jack and George from class12 as well as some others from year 6. Oakwood raced very well that day and their worst finishing position was 2nd!

By Jack, George and Tyler



Girl’s Football

On Thursday 30th January from year six and year five took part in the girls football. There were lots of different schools taking part in the event. Some of the schools were Village, Meadow Farm, Cherry Tree, Allenton and a couple more schools. We played 5 matches and we WON all of them! I was in goal, I only let in three. The girls that took part in year six were Tegan, Alice, Sophie, Jess. They were a couple of girls from year five too.


By Alice & Tegan


Book Review!


Dork Diaries Holiday Heartbreak.



Rachel Renee Russell.



  • Nikki Maxwell (      main )
  • Brandon ( Nikki’s      crush )
  • Chloe & Zoey (      BFF’s )
  • Mum
  • Briana ( annoying      little sister )
  • Mackenzie &      sidekicks ( arch enemy  )


I really liked this book because Mackenzie is a posh girl but Nikki is a dork and they both like the same boy. Nikki isn’t sure if Brandon (super big Crush) is already going with Mackenzie to the SWEET HART DANCE! But, she still asked him and he said YES!!! She was over the moon. Brandon picks her up on the night of the prom. Later that night, Nikki is crowned prom queen and Brandon is crowned prom king. Mackenzie was really annoyed by this. Nikki then has her dance that she had waited for all year.


I would defiantly give this book a FIVE STAR rating!


By Kirsten