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Class 1

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

In class1 we are learning about Oliver Jeffers and some of his books. The main book we are looking at is Lost and found. We have been doing some role play in groups of three when the little boy found the penguin on his doorstep.

In literacy we are learning about informal and formal letters and putting them in groups, and looking at features in a letter. We have also been writing letters of complaint pretending to be the boy from the book, complaining about how he was treated by the man from behind the counter.

About Oliver Jeffers: He is an Australian author, and he writes fantastic kids books.
He sometimes uses the same characters in different books.

Oliver Jeffers books: Lost and Found, The heart in the bottle, How to catch a star, The great paper caper.

In RE we have been learning about baptism, and how Jesus got baptized. We have been writing a storyboard about Jesus’ baptism. Now we are looking at key symbols you would find in a church that are related to a baptism ceremony.

Every Wednesday we go swimming. Some people go into the big pool and some people go into the little pool. In the big pool we have been going up to the deep end and jumping in. In the little pool we have been swimming lengths and learning about how to control our breathing.

By Mia, Keelan and Ashleigh.

Class 8

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

This half term has been very exciting so far! Because our topic is Ancient Greece, we had a visitor to talk about what it would have been like in Ancient Greece. His name was Lucas and he was an expert on Ancient Greece. He talked to us about a family in that time called the Rich family. Sienna played Mrs. Rich, Mathew played Master Rich, Kiera played Miss Rich and Alex played Mr. Rich. Later on, we learned about how slaves got treated and before we went to lunch we had an example of the Athenian Government. In the afternoon, we had a look at some Ancient Greek artifacts and then learned how to be a warrior in battle. Last but not least, we played an Ancient Greek game called Trygon. Then it was the end of the day.

On Monday 24 February, another visitor came in and showed us how to play the drums for our African topic. We learned how to play a song called Waca Waca which was so much fun. Later on in the afternoon, the same man taught us how to do African dancing! Hopefully we can do it again.

On 25th February, Year 5 had an art day. In the morning before break we were split up into 2 groups. One group went to a workshop with Andrew the artist to create African batique textile pieces whilst the other group stayed with Miss Johnson to create a map of Africa using our feet! After break we swapped classes and we went from class8 to class9 to paint a picture of a sunset in the African grasslands. It took a while but they turned out to be really good. Then after lunch, we went to class7 where we made African masks out of paper plates and once they were done all of them looked like real African masks.

By Kiera and Georgia