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Class 6 – Carrie’s War

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

We have watched the movie and are currently reading the book, Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden. It is set during World War 2 and is loosely based on the author’s own experience of being evacuated as a child. The main character is a girl named Caroline Wendy Willow, who is 12 years old. Her brother Nicholas Peter Willow is 10 years old but acts much younger. They are evacuated from the bombing in London to the countryside in Wales.

Miss Evans and Mr Evans take them to their grocer’s shop in the town. The Evans’ live above the shop. Carrie and Nick sleep in a bedroom together. They work in the shop for Mr Evans. Mr Evans tells them to get a goose from Mrs Go-to-bed’s house in Druid’s Bottom.

At the house there is a screaming skull which is kept in the library. Hepzibah looks after Mrs Go-to-bed, who is Mr Evans’ older sister. Hepzibah tells Carrie and Nick an extraordinary tale about the terrifying curse of the screaming skull. It is thought to belong to an African slave girl. Albert Sandwich thinks that the story is false and says that the British Museum in London would confirm that the skull is that of an adult.

After they get back with the goose, Mr Evans, Aunty Lou, Carrie and Nick have a Christmas dinner. Then Carrie and Nick get a letter from their mum saying that she is going to take them home, back to London. When they are on board the train they see Mrs Go-to-bed’s house on fire. What happens next? You will have to read the book for yourself. All of Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it!

At home Blake and I have made model Anderson shelters. Mine was a shoe box covered with grass. It had a sleeping bag, tables, chairs and food. Blake’s was made of cardboard rolls and very strong sellotape.

By Malachi G and Blake G

School Council Blog for April

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

School Council meetings are all going well!
We have been busy discussing ways to save water and we organised a competition to design a poster to encourage pupils to use less water. We chose a winner from every class and the prizes were delicious chocolate mini eggs! It seems to be working and pupils are remembering to turn off the taps. If I see a tap left running I always go and turn it off.
The latest idea for us to discuss is wearing a team tie. Don’t worry, it’s a clip on tie so no fiddly knots!

Thanks for helping, Jacob D Class 1 School Council Web Master.

Class 3

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Class 3 went swimming on Tuesday. Some people who really improved their swimming came from the teaching pool into the family pool. How fun do you think that was? It was very exciting! We did the front crawl, back crawl and treaded the water. It was a fantastic experience going into the deep end!

In Numeracy we enjoyed finding out more ways of how to work out number bonds and learning about fractions. It was fun working with Mrs Langford and Miss Murfin. Do you find it fun finding more ways to solve number problems?

In Science we have been learning about plants. We learned about what plants jobs are and how they grow. We are that lucky that we got to plant our own sunflower seeds! It was a messy job but we found it very fun!

In our topic we have been learning about Vikings. Did you know that Vikings sailed in long boats? We didn’t until we learnt about it in topic.

We also learnt about India in topic. Did you know that Indians eat kachumba? Class 3 tried a bit of it and it was very spicy!

Caitlin and Edward.

In class 5 we have been learning about the Tudors

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Class 5 have been working hard in literacy learning about stories set in the past.
We have also been learning about the Tudors in our topic lesson, so we have been writing our own stories about the great battle of Bosworth. We even got to act out the battle in our classroom and Miss Harris took photographs! In D&T we have designed our own Tudor purses and are really excited about making them next week. Our class assembly is soon so we have been talking about what we would like to present to the school and are going to have a vote. We are going to do a play about the Tudors but we have got to wait for the results of the vote to find out whether we will be doing a play about the Battle of Bosworth or king Henry V111 and his six wives. Everyone in the class assembly is very excited about performing in front of the whole school and parents!
By Aaliyah D and Mia P

Class 7

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

In year 5 we have been studying ancient Greece and we got some very exciting news, that two archaeologists discovered an ancient Greek warrior’s skeleton in cave to from the war. We had to come up with an exhibition to show the year 3’s!

We all have had a different topic area to research. For example Sophie G’s group, who are researching Ancient Greek religion, have decided to make a thunderbolt belonging to Zeus and presented lots of exciting information about all the Greek gods!

We are very excited about our science fair where we will get to look at all the other classes’ hard work. We are really looking forward to presenting our project to the grown ups who visit our stall. It will be amazing to see the mad science assembly and we really hope we keep our trophy from last year!