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Class 5

Monday, June 30th, 2014

When we arrived at school on Monday 9th June we saw a big plastic box and we wonderd what was in it. . .
When we got back from assembly it was our turn.
A woman called Emma from zoolab came in and showed us some of her intresting pets. Firstly she got out a snail called Jerry from Africa. She also had a millipede, hissing cockroach, tarantula and a corn snake.

We have been doing PE with a woman called Lauren from sports partnership. We have a subject every week. We play things like dogdeball and chain tag.
We have subjects like sleeping, healthy eating and exercise.

Football World Cup Festival

Friday, June 20th, 2014

world-cup-trophy-fifa-225x300On Friday we went to Moor Farm to play a tournament for my school. It was for the Year 3’s and 4’s. Our team was Nigeria because we were wearing green.

Our first match was Brazil; we beat them 3 – 0. That match was boring because I was goalie. The second match was against England and we won 4 – 1, Callum scored 3 and Jack scored 1 in that match.

The next match was against Honduras and Jack scored 1, Callum scored 1, Aiden scored a hat trick and Tyrese scored 1!!

The last match was against the beasts Spain and I scored……YES!! In that match we drew 1 – 1.

After that we did the scores, in the top three were U.S.A, Spain and us.

U.S.A. came 3rd, we came 2nd and Spain came 1st.

Our managers were Mrs Chambers and Miss Bramley. Just before the Honduras game we had a photo with oranges in our mouth that was with Miss Bramley. Thank you for the oranges Mrs Chambers!

So that was our breathtaking day.

By Travis

Class 8

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

The last month has been ACTION PACKED! …

New benches

There have been some new benches that have arrived on the lower school playground that are 100% recycled plastic.


Some teachers have returned from maternity leave including Mrs. Sahota, Mrs. Spooner and Mrs. Roberts. It’s great to have such wonderful, inspiring teachers back in school!


We have recently had enterprise day which Oakwood have every year. What we do is, we get pretend money to get equipment we need for the product we are making and advertising. We then sell the product at Enterprise Day.

Reading targets

Our whole school has been given reading targets. Reading targets are awarded if you quiz and get over 80%. Each book has its own selected amount of points, the longer the book the more points earned.

Victorian day

Victorian day is coming up in year 5, during Victorian day we will come to school dressed as Victorian children. Miss Khalid said that she will bring in her cane, but we know she is joking.

Beach day

Beach day is coming up on Friday 13th June. You come to school in beach wear. We can’t wait! Just hope the weather brightens up!


Oakwood Netball News

Monday, June 9th, 2014

April 2014
Year 5 and 6 started playing netball at lunchtimes last half term. Miss Lawrence was so impressed with us that she decided to enter us into a competition. So, on Tuesday 1st April, twelve year 6s, two year 5s, Miss Lawrence, Miss Harris and Miss Sandhu went to Derby Moor Community School to take part in a Derby City netball tournament. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we were eager to get on the courts and play. We were split into two teams and were then given the list of teams we would be playing against. Team A successfully won their first three matches but were beaten by previous winners – Cavendish Close. Team B won all of their matches! Our best score was 13-0 with the talented Tegan and Brooke shooting. This means that Oakwood qualified for the County Finals in May!

Oakwood’s Netballers!

Wow! What can I say? The children only started playing the game a few weeks before the competition but their skill, commitment and attitudes were so inspiring that I knew I had to put them forward for the tournament. All 14 players were fantastic at the event and we are incredibly proud of how well they have done. Well done guys and Good luck!

Miss Lawrence

June 2014
Before the holidays, we took part in the county finals for High five. Seven of us went along with Miss Lawrence, Mr Darby and Mr Higgins to represent our school. Although we were excited, we were nervous about playing other teams from all across Derbyshire.

When we arrived, we were given our list of matches. We worked really hard as a team and successfully came top of our league, which put us into the semi final! Wow! We couldn’t believe it – We were one of the top four netball teams at the county finals. What an amazing achievement. But, we were against Cavendish Close – the team who beat Oakwood’s Team A at the tournament. Would they beat us again?

The answer is no! Despite the fact they were an excellent team, we still managed to win. We were in the FINAL!
Sadly, the team we were against beat us 6-2 in the final but it didn’t spoil our day. We were silver medallists! Not only that, but now we qualify for the East Midlands High Five Finals at the end of June!
We can’t wait!

Oakwood’s High Fivers:
Jess, Tegan, Brooke, Courtney, William, Leighton and Jaheim