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Class 7

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Dragon egg discovered!

On Tuesday 6th November, Mrs McDonnell discovered a dragon egg hatching…

First of all it was found by the caretaker on Wednesday 5th October 2014 on school grounds. He had never seen anything like it. It was 17cm long and had golden jewels on it. This mysterious egg was found in a white box under a hedge. The egg was an unusual size and colour. Mr Darby phoned the University of Derby. They said it might be a rare dragon egg. Professor Green the head of studies said to OJS keep an eye on it and it was less likely to hatch. It was locked in Mr Darby’s office guarded by staff. Then when Mrs McDonnell went into Mr Darby’s office it started to wobble and crumble. Suddenly, a head popped out of the egg and was covered in red and orange jelly. Mrs McDonnell wiped the jelly of it and said “hello little dragon.” After she said that the cute dragon made a funny noise and jumped of her hand. It burned her shoes, doubled its size and ran out the door and majestically flew out the office door into the sky. We wrote news reports on the dragon and how it happened. We also wrote poems. This is one by Ella-May.

Dragon's Egg

Dragon’s Egg

The last dragon

I am the last dragon,
My time is starved,
Like a never ending rock,
Being carved.
I live in a darkened cave,
Where grass doesn’t grow,
And magic doesn’t flow.
I stare at the rain falling from the sky,
Hitting the mud,
Trying not to cry.
I touch the wall making a mark,
While the children go out and play on the park.
I listen to the thunder clap,
Hitting the tree with a slap.
I sniff the scent of burned-out wood,
Maybe I couldn’t,
Maybe I could.
I crunch the skeleton leaves all around me,
Maybe I am the key.
Dreading time, I think,
I am the very last dragon, no wink.
Or am I just simply an old, forgotten dragon,
Who found an old, forgotten wagon.
I ask my fate,
But still is late.

I hope you enjoyed the poem by Ella-May.

Class 8’s assembly!

First of all people were introducing themselves and sang a song called ‘layers of the forest’. They sang it with such expression in their face, arms and legs. I thought it was a really good performance. Then they got dressed up and told the man don’t cut down this tree for many reasons. I saw everyone having a good time doing it.

The book fair!

The book fair was a great success. It was run by Mrs Hodgkinson. The books were absolutely fantastic. We raised roughly £35. Some of the books where brilliant and most of the books were outstanding. I think everyone is going to be busy reading their fabulous books every night!

Children in need!

Children in need was a whopping great
success almost everyone dressed up as super heroes. We raised roughly £299.99.
Even some of the teachers dressed up!
The best dressed girl was Abigail.
The best dressed boy was Blake.

Class 1

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Last week in Class 1 in our Science lesson, we learnt about the joints in the human body. Miss Charlesworth gave us all a really fun activity to do where we had to do certain actions to determine which joints we were using for that particular action. By the end of the lesson it felt like we had had a P.E lesson as we all were sooooooo tired!!
Every Monday we go swimming as part of our physical education. We all had so much fun this week as Steve (the instructor) taught us how to float on our fronts and back with and without floats. We even got to have a game of cops and robbers at the end!!
Over the past two weeks we have been reading the story Stone Age Boy in English. It is about a boy who falls back into the Stone Age. We have really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age in our History lessons and we even got to write our own diary about ourselves falling back into the Stone Age! What would you do if you fell back into the Stone Age for the day?
It is coming to that time of year now where we are beginning to rehearse for our Christmas performance. We have so many songs to learn but by Friday afternoon we had rehearsed all of them once and the teachers were really impressed with how hard we had worked!! Bring on the performance 

Oakwood Basketballers

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

What an exciting weekend for Oakwood’s basketballers! On Saturday morning, we took part in a tournament held by the Derby Trailblazers. As well as the Year Sixes, we also invited our team from last year, who are now in Year 7. It was a great experience playing the Trailblazer minis and we did really well. But it didn’t end there. Oakwood’s Basketball players and families were invited to watch the Trailblazer’s Division One team play a league match on Saturday evening. Amazingly, the matches are played locally at Noel Baker Secondary School. After an incredibly close game where we got to make as much noise as we could cheering, shouting, clapping and stamping our feet, the Trailblazers were victorious! To finish the evening off, we got to go onto the court and have our photo taken with the players! What a great experience. We want to say a massive thank you to the Trailblazers for inviting us and for such a great day. We will be back!

Click on the link below to visit the Derby Trailblazers website.


Class 4

Monday, November 17th, 2014

In class we are learning about Fungus the Bogeyman. It is about a monster who goes around scaring people at night and a bogeyman is like the opposite of us.

In science we did an investigation on ‘if ice or chocolate melts the quickest’. We measured the temperature in some of the rooms in school. We did it in the ICT suite, library, hall, our classroom, cloakroom, office and the courtyard.

In topic we are learning about Ancient Egypt. We made Ancient Egyptian bread and it tasted like cardboard! We made a fact poster about Ancient Egyptian jobs. We also got put into groups to learn about different Egyptian jobs. Then we learnt how to mummify a body.

By Amelia and Mia