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Class 11

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

About a week ago, Georgia and I weren’t very happy with the new pens. So on Monday the 19th January 2015, we went to Mrs Fray and moaned about them. She said “don’t moan at me why don’t you write a complaint letter to the company”, which was Yorkshire purchasing organisation. So at lunch time, Kiera and I started to write out our complaint letter. After we wrote it, we decided to type it up. The first bell had just rung, and as we were typing the computer logged off by itself and didn’t save our work. We didn’t know what to do, except to type it all up again, which took us at least half an hour. Once we typed it up again, Mr Darby took a little look. He told us that we needed to check some spellings and re-write some sentences. After we checked our work, we printed it of to show Mrs Fray. She told us, we needed to add a little bit extra on to it to tell them that we would rather like our money back or some new pens. Kiera and I chose to have our money back and then we could get some new pens. Then, the office gave us an envelope with a first class stamp on it. We wrote the address, postcode and when Kiera walked home she posted it. About three days later, the office got a phone call saying that it was YPO. They said that it was nice to get a response from school pupil’s opinions and they would send us every penny back that we spent on the YPO handwriting pens. Also, they might send one of the staff to interview us and they said they will ask us things like how could these pens be improved? Would you recommend these to anyone else? As well as doing all that, they’re going to send us two different types of pens for us to try. Georgia and I are going to try them out and see which pens the school would prefer. So in result we got more than we wanted which was very satisfying. Everyone in the school meaning the teachers, me and Kiera are so pleased with the result that we couldn’t ask for anything else.

Kiera and Georgia