Year 3’s Victorian day

March, 22nd 2019

The year 3’s had a very exciting day, today. They had Victorian day, dressing up as a Victorian and living the life as one. They enjoyed it- well some of them.  They had fun with their teachers doing workshop, sang songs and they couldn’t write with their left hand!

In the Victorians days, the teacher were very strict. The year three teachers followed the role, making the Victorians a reality. But this day wouldn’t even happen if the teachers weren’t so kind and allowed them to dress up.


“Good.” said a year 3 whilst saying, “It was good until the teacher shouted at you, Class 3 was very strict.”

“Sort of good, I’ve enjoyed lots of work about NOTHING! And the cane.” said a year 3, eagerly.

“It’s been terrible!” whined a year 3, jokingly. “I’ve enjoyed writing the alphabet!”

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