Mrs Hodgkinsons leaving!


Miss Hodgkinsons leaving next week, Friday. She’s being working for over 14 years now, the best music teacher. Nothing will be the same without her. We don’t know who’s taking over Music Assemblies yet.

As the bloggers, we were lucky enough to interview some of the teachers, including Mrs Hodgkinsons.

We’ve asked, ‘’ How have you enjoyed Oakwood Junior School (OJS)?’’

Mrs Hodgkinsons said that Oakwood Junior School was a special place, some of the children don’t realize how lucky they are, the teaching assistance and teachers are amazing.

We asked, ‘’Why are you leaving?’’

She replied, ‘’ I’m going to another school, much harder than this school. For a challenge!’’

We questioned, ‘’ How long have you known Miss Stuart for?’’

She answered, ‘’ She’s a brilliant teacher, fun and silly sometimes. I’ve known her for 13 years, it’s going to be sad leaving her. But I can always annoy her by texting her all the time. ‘’

Our final query was, ‘’ How do you feel leaving?’’

She responded, ‘’ I’m very emotional and sad so far, I am going to miss Oakwood Junior School so much!’’

We had a discussion with her closest friends, Mrs Stone, Mrs Stuart and Mr Simon.

‘’ She was my best friend in school, I’ll miss her so much. I’m devastated!’’ cried Miss Stuart.

Mr Simon spoke, ‘’I’m very sad about Miss Hodgkinsons leaving, I knew her for about a year.’’

‘’ I feel very sad because, I’ve worked with her for a very long time. So, I’m losing one of my very good friends.’’ stated Mrs Stone.

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