Class 10

Last week, year 6 had some very exciting learning experiences including a World War 2 autobiography play and a reading performance (which was for the whole school). The World War 2 play was brilliant because there were lots of facts to learn even though we already knew some of them. We were introduced to Tommy Britton, who was an evacuee from World War II. He told us all about his life during the war and we even got to see how children dressed back then. Some of us got the chance to dress up as evacuees and soldiers, which was very funny! As well as this, we also got to see a gas mask that was used! One of the interesting things that we learnt was how they used posters and advertisements to stop people from letting slip important information about how the war was going.

 The reading performance was a really good treat because it was very enthusiastic and energetic! The performance only had two actors but they played lots of different characters. They were dancing and singing and we got to join in too! In this performance, we learnt to not judge a book by its cover because if you do you won’t know what adventures you might be missing. We also learned that using our imaginations can help us enjoy reading even more!

 By Natasha A

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