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Being my Best

1Derek cook dinner!
  • Explain how each of the food groups on the Eatwell Guide (formerly Eatwell Plate) benefits the body; 
  • Explain what is meant by the term 'balanced diet'; 
  • Give examples what foods might make up a healthy balanced meal.
2Poorly Harold
  • Explain how some infectious illnesses are spread from one person to another; 
  • Explain how simple hygiene routines can help to reduce the risk of the spread of infectious illnesses; 
  • Suggest medical and non-medical ways of treating an illness.
3Body team work
  • Name major internal body parts (heart, blood, lungs, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, brain); 
  • Describe how food, water and air get into the body and blood.
4For or Against?
  • Develop skills in discussion and debating an issue;
  • Demonstrate their understanding of health and wellbeing issues that are relevant to them;
  • Empathise with different view points;
  • Make recommendations, based on their research.
5I am fantastic!
  • Identify their achievements and areas of development;
  • Recognise that people may say kind things to help us feel good about ourselves;
  • Explain why some groups of people are not represented as much on television/in the media.
6Top talents
  • Explain some of the different talents and skills that people have and how skills are developed; 
  • Recognise their own skills and those of other children in the class.