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Growing and Changing

1Moving house
  • Describe some of the changes that happen to people during their lives; 
  • Explain how the Learning Line can be used as a tool to help them manage change more easily; 
  • Suggest people who may be able to help them deal with change.
2My feelings are all over the place!
  • Name some positive and negative feelings;
  • Understand how the onset of puberty can have emotional as well as physical impact
  • Suggest reasons why young people sometimes fall out with their parents;
  • Take part in a role play practising how to compromise.
3All change!
  • Identify parts of the body that males and females have in common and those that are different;
  • Know the correct terminology for their genitalia; 
  • Understand and explain why puberty happens.
5Secret or surprise?
  • Define the terms 'secret' and 'surprise' and know the difference between a safe and an unsafe secret; 
  • Recognise how different surprises and secrets might make them feel; 
  • Know who they could ask for help if a secret made them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Understand that marriage is a commitment to be entered into freely and not against someone's will;
  • Recognise that marriage includes same sex and opposite sex partners;
  • Know the legal age for marriage in England or Scotland;
  • Discuss the reasons why a person would want to be married, or live together, or have a civil ceremony.