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Growing and Changing

1How are they feeling?
  • Use a range of words and phrases to describe the intensity of different feelings
  • Distinguish between good and not so good feelings, using appropriate vocabulary to describe these; 
  • Explain strategies they can use to build resilience.
2Taking notice of our feelings
  • Identify people who can be trusted;
  • Understand what kinds of touch are acceptable or unacceptable; 
  • Describe strategies for dealing with situations in which they would feel uncomfortable, particularly in relation to inappropriate touch.   
3Dear Ash
  • Explain the difference between a safe and an unsafe secret; 
  • Identify situations where someone might need to break a confidence in order to keep someone safe.
4Growing up and changing bodies
  • Identify some products that they may need during puberty and why;
  • Know what menstruation is and why it happens.
5Changing bodies and fellings
  • Know the correct words for the external sexual organs;
  • Discuss some of the myths associated with puberty.
6Help! I'm a teenager get me out of here
  • Recognise how our body feels when we’re relaxed;
  • List some of the ways our body feels when it is nervous or sad;
  • Describe and/or demonstrate how to be resilient in order to find someone who will listen to you.