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Growing and Changing

1I look great
  • Understand that fame can be short-lived;
  • Recognise that photos can be changed to match society's view of perfect;
  • Identify qualities that people have, as well as their looks.
2Media Manipulation
  • Define what is meant by the term stereotype; 
  • Recognise how the media can sometimes reinforce gender stereotypes; 
  • Recognise that people fall into a wide range of what is seen as normal; 
  • Challenge stereotypical gender portrayals of people.
3Pressure online
  • Understand the risks of sharing images online and how these are hard to control, once shared; 
  • Understand that people can feel pressured to behave in a certain way because of the influence of the peer group; 
  • Understand the norms of risk-taking behaviour and that these are usually lower than people believe them to be.
4Helpful or unhelpful - managing change
  • Recognise some of the changes they have experienced and their emotional responses to those changes; 
  • Suggest positive strategies for dealing with change; 
  • Identify people who can support someone who is dealing with a challenging time of change.
5Is this normal?
  • Define the word 'puberty' giving examples of some of the physical and emotional changes associated with it; 
  • Suggest strategies that would help someone who felt challenged by the changes in puberty; 
  • Understand what FGM is and that it is an illegal practice in this country; 
  • Know where someone could get support if they were concerned about their own or another person's safety.
6Making babies
  • Identify the changes that happen through puberty to allow sexual reproduction to occur;
  • Know a variety of ways in which the sperm can fertilise the egg to create a baby;
  • Know the legal age of consent and what it means.