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Growing and Changing

1Relationship tree
  • Identify different types of relationships;
  • Recognise who they have positive healthy relationships with.
2Body space
  • Understand what is meant by the term body space (or personal space); 
  • Identify when it is appropriate or inappropriate to allow someone into their body space;
  • Rehearse strategies for when someone is inappropriately in their body space.
3None of your business!
  • Know that our body can often give us a sign when something doesn't feel right; to trust these signs and talk to a trusted adult if this happens;
  • Recognise and describe appropriate behaviour online as well as offline;
  • Identify what constitutes personal information and when it is not appropriate or safe to share this;
  • Understand and explain how to get help in a situation where requests for images or information of themselves or others occurs.
4Secret or surprise?
  • Define the terms 'secret' and 'surprise' and know the difference between a safe and an unsafe secret; 
  • Recognise how different surprises and secrets might make them feel; 
  • Know who they could ask for help if a secret made them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
5Basic first aid
  • Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing (Health Education) Basic first-aid 1. How to make a clear and efficient call to emergency services if necessary.
  • Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing (Health Education) Basic first-aid 2. Concepts of basic first-aid, for example dealing with common injuries, including head injuries.