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Keeping Safe

1Spot bullying
  • Demonstrate strategies to deal with both face-to-face and online bullying;
  • Demonstrate strategies and skills for supporting others who are bullied;
  • Recognise and describe the difference between online and face-to-face bullying.
2Play, like, share
  • Consider what information is safe/unsafe to share offline and online, and reflect on the consequences of not keeping personal information private;
  • Recognise that people aren’t always who they appear to be online and explain risks of being friends online with a person they have not met face-to-face;
  • Know how to protect personal information online;
  • Recognise disrespectful behaviour online and know how to respond to it.
3Decision dilemmas
  • Recognise which situations are risky;
  • Explore and share their views about decision making  when faced with a risky situation;
  • Suggest what someone should do when faced with a risky situation.
4Ella's diary dilemmas
  • Define what is meant by a dare; 
  • Explain why someone might give a dare; 
  • Suggest ways of standing up to someone who gives a dare.
5Vaping: healthy or unhealthy?
  • Describe some of the health risks caused by vaping;
  • Understand that there are potential health risks of vaping that are not yet fully known;
  • Use critical thinking skills when reading information/media;
  • Understand that companies selling vaping products do so to make money;
  • Describe some of the possible outcomes of taking a risk.
6Would you risk it?
  • Identify risk factors in a given situation (involving smoking) and consider outcomes of risk taking in this situation, including emotional risks;
  • Understand the actual norms around smoking/alcohol and the reasons for common misperceptions of these.