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Keeping Safe

1Safe or unsafe?
  • Identify situations which are safe or unsafe; 
  • Identify people who can help if a situation is unsafe; 
  • Suggest strategies for keeping safe.
2Danger or risk
  • Define the words danger and risk and explain the difference between the two; 
  • Demonstrate strategies for dealing with a risky situation.
3The Risk robot
  • Identify risk factors in given situations;
  • Suggest ways of reducing or managing those risks. 
4Super Searcher
  • Evaluate the validity of statements relating to online safety; 
  • Recognise potential risks associated with browsing online; 
  • Give examples of strategies for safe browsing online.
5Help or Harm?
  • Understand that medicines are drugs and suggest ways that they can be helpful or harmful.
6Alcohol and cigarettes: the facts
  • Identify some key risks from and effects of cigarettes and alcohol;  
  • Know that most people choose not to smoke cigarettes; (Social Norms message)
  • Define the word 'drug' and understand that nicotine and alcohol are both drugs.