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Me and My Relationships

1As a rule
  • Explain why we have rules;
  • Explore why rules are different for different age groups, in particular for internet-based activities;
  • Suggest appropriate rules for a range of settings; 
  • Consider the possible consequences of breaking the rules.
2Looking after our special people
  • Identify people who they have a special relationship with;
  • Suggest strategies for maintaining a positive relationship with their special people.
3How can we solve this problem?
  • Rehearse and demonstrate simple strategies for resolving given conflict situations.
4Tangram team Challenge
  • Define and demonstrate cooperation and collaboration;
  • Identify the different skills that people can bring to a group task; 
  • Demonstrate how working together in a collaborative manner can help everyone to achieve success.
5Friends are special
  • Identify qualities of friendship; 
  • Suggest reasons why friends sometimes fall out; 
  • Rehearse and use, now or in the future, skills for making up again.
  • Express opinions and listen to those of others; 
  • Consider others' points of view; 
  • Practise explaining the thinking behind their ideas and opinions.
7Dan's Dare
  • Explain what a dare is; 
  • Understand that no-one has the right to force them to do a dare; 
  • Suggest strategies to use if they are ever made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe by someone asking them to do a dare.
8My Special pet
  • Explain some of the feelings someone might have when they lose something important to them; 
  • Understand that these feelings are normal and a way of dealing with the situation.