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Rights and Respect

1Who helps us stay healthey and safe?
  • Explain how different people in the school and local community help them stay healthy and safe; 
  • Define what is meant by 'being responsible'; 
  • Describe the various responsibilities of those who help them stay healthy and safe; 
  • Suggest ways they can help the people who keep them healthy and safe.
2It's your right
  • Understand that humans have rights and also responsibilities;
  • Identify some rights and also responsibilities that come with these. 
3How do we make a difference?
  • Understand the reason we have rules; 
  • Suggest and engage with ways that they can contribute to the decision-making process in school (e.g. through pupil voice/school council); 
  • Recognise that everyone can make a difference within a democratic process.
4In the news!
  • Define the word influence
  • Recognise that reports in the media can influence the way they think about a topic; 
  • Form and present their own opinions based on factual information and express or present these in a respectful and courteous manner.
5Safety in numbers
  • Explain the role of the bystander and how it can influence bullying or other anti-social behaviour;
  • Recognise that they can play a role in influencing outcomes of situations by their actions.
6Why pay taxes?
  • Explain what is meant by the terms 'income tax', 'National Insurance' and 'VAT'; 
  • Understand how a payslip is laid out showing both pay and deductions; 
  • Prioritise public services from most essential to least essential.