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Rights and Respect

1What's the story?
  • Identify, write and discuss issues currently in the media concerning health and wellbeing; 
  • Express their opinions on an issue concerning health and wellbeing; 
  • Make recommendations on an issue concerning health and wellbeing. 
2Fact or opinion?
  • Understand the difference between a fact and an opinion; 
  • Understand what biased reporting is and the need to think critically about things we read.
3Mo makes a difference
  • Explain what we mean by the terms voluntary, community and pressure (action) group; 
  • Give examples of voluntary groups, the kind of work they do and its value.
4Rights, respect and duties
  • Define the differences between responsibilities, rights and duties;
  • Discuss what can make them difficult to follow; 
  • Identify the impact on individuals and the wider community if responsibilities are not carried out.
5Spending wisely
  • State the costs involved in producing and selling an item; 
  • Suggest questions a consumer should ask before buying a product.
6Lend us a fiver?
  • Define the terms loan, credit, debt and interest; 
  • Suggest advice for a range of situations involving personal finance.