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Rights and Respect

1Two sides to every story
  • Define the terms 'fact', 'opinion', 'biased' and 'unbiased', explaining the difference between them; 
  • Describe the language and techniques that make up a biased report; 
  • Analyse a report also extract the facts from it. 
2Fakebook friends
  • Know the legal age (and reason behind these) for having a social media account;
  • Understand why people don’t tell the truth and often post only the good bits about themselves, online;
  • Recognise that people’s lives are much more balanced in real life, with positives and negatives.
3What's it worth?
  • Explain some benefits of saving money; 
  • Describe the different ways money can be saved, outlining the pros and cons of each method; 
  • Describe the costs that go into producing an item; 
  • Suggest sale prices for a variety of items, taking into account a range of factors; 
  • Explain what is meant by the term interest.
4Jobs and taxes
  • Recognise and explain that different jobs have different levels of pay and the factors that influence this; 
  • Explain the different types of tax (income tax and VAT) which help to fund public services; 
  • Evaluate the different public services and compare their value.
5Happy shoppers - caring for the environment
  • Explain what is meant by living in an environmentally sustainable way; 
  • Suggest actions that could be taken to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.
6Democracy in Britain 2
  • To recognise reasons for rules and laws; consequences of not adhering to rules and laws.