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"Every child is a learner and can achieve"

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Rights and Respect

1Helping each other to keep safe
  • Identify key people who are responsible for them to stay safe and healthy; 
  • Suggest ways they can help these people.
2Recount task
  • Understand the difference between 'fact' and 'opinion'; 
  • Understand how an event can be perceived from different viewpoints; 
  • Plan, draft and publish a recount using the appropriate language.
3Our helpful volunteers
  • Define what a volunteer is; 
  • Identify people who are volunteers in the school community; 
  • Recognise some of the reasons why people volunteer, including mental health and wellbeing benefits to those who volunteer.
4Can Harold afford it?
  • Understand the terms 'income', 'saving' and 'spending'; 
  • Recognise that there are times we can buy items we want and times when we need to save for items; 
  • Suggest items and services around the home that need to be paid for (e.g. food, furniture, electricity etc.)
5Earing money
  • Explain that people earn their income through their jobs; 
  • Understand that the amount people get paid is due to a range of factors (skill, experience, training, responsibility etc.)
6Harold's environment project
  • Define what is meant by the environment; 
  • Evaluate and explain different methods of looking after the school environment; 
  • Devise methods of promoting their priority method.