Maths Vision

We believe that every child can master an understanding and love of maths.

Maths Aims for Pupils

For children to:

· Be able to visualise

· Be able to generalise

· Be able to communicate

· Have number sense (when the numbers speak to you)

· Have an understanding of their mathematical thinking (metacognition).

Our Mathematics Teaching Approach

We are using the Singapore approach to mathematics. The use of this approach and the Maths No Problem text books has significantly changed our practice. For more information about our approach please see our mathematics curriculum document and maths policy in the links below. Below the links you will find a collection of useful videos that outline some of the key concepts in the Singapore approach presented by Dr Yeap Ban Har the author of Maths No Problem.


Math Curriculum Document

Maths & Calculation Policy

National Curriculum Document

Parent Videos

  • April
  • 12th - Break up for Easter Half Term
  • 29th - First Day of Summer Term
  • May
  • 6th - Bank Holiday
  • 13th to 16th - SATS Week
  • 24th - Last Day of term
  • June
  • 3rd - First day of term
  • 21st - Conkers Trip Yr 5
  • 28th - Inset Day
  • July
  • 16th - Sports Day
  • 17-19th - Lea Green Residential
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