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Attendance: 'Moments Matter, Attendance Counts'

Improving school attendance is everyone’s business, and to achieve this we need to work together. This January, the Government has launched a national campaign to remind parents and carers of the importance of school attendance; the campaign strapline is “moments matter, attendance counts”. Oakwood Junior School fully supports this campaign. We believe children should be in school and enjoying their precious time and childhood, learning and playing together. This is why we try to make our curriculum as rich and diverse as possible, as well as ambitious, so that your children love coming to school. 

Why is attendance important?

A child's attendance can have a huge impact on their progress, both in terms of personal development and academic progress. If a child misses just two weeks of school across the year, they are missing 65 hours of learning and it can be very difficult to catch up.  Arriving late to school can also result in valuable hours

of learning lost.

Responsibilities for School Attendance; Attendance is 'Everyone's Business'