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LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Family roles and responsibilities
  • I can identify the roles and responsibilities of each member of my family and can reflect on the expectations for males and females
  • I can describe how taking some responsibility in my family makes me feel
  • I can identify and put into practice some of the skills of friendship e.g. taking turns, being a good listener
  • I know how to negotiate in conflict situations to try to find a win-win solution
3Keeping myself safe online
  • I know and can use some strategies for keeping myself safe online
  • I know who to ask for help if I am worried or concerned about anything online
4Being a global citizen 1
  • I can explain how some of the actions and work of people around the world help and influence my life
  • I can show an awareness of how this could affect my choices
5Being a global citizen 2
  • I understand how my needs and rights are shared by children around the world and can identify how our lives may be different
  • I can empathise with children whose lives are different to mine and appreciate what I may learn from them
6Celebrating my web of relationships
  • I know how to express my appreciation to my friends and family
  • I enjoy being part of a family and friendship groups