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"Every child is a learner and can achieve"

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Values and Ethos


Our Values & Ethos

We realise the uniqueness of everyone and we take pride in the fact that we get to know pupils as individuals. We believe that our school motto ‘Every child is a learner and can achieve’, along with our school values, underpins the ethos of our school and recognises that we are an inclusive community of individuals at different starting points.


Safety: We teach the children how to stay safe in the local community and in their own homes; fire, water and road safety are key skills. We teach the children the need for keeping safe online so they can access social media and internet safely.

Respect: We value all members of our school community. We will treat every child as an individual and recognise that they are all starting their school life with different needs, cultures and attitudes.

Positivity: Whatever the starting point of each child we will help them to grow and develop their skills academically and socially across a broad curriculum within a safe environment.

Resilient: As they progress through school pupils will become resilient and independent learners who are able to self- regulate their behaviour so that they can maximise opportunities for learning.

Kindness: We will aim to instil our school values and British Values throughout our curriculum so that our children show empathy and have a strong awareness of the role they play and how their acts can impact their local and wider school community.

Aspiration: Working in partnership with parents/carers each child will make progress to achieve the highest level of understanding and skill of which they are capable.


Vision and Aims

Our Vision is that every pupil:


  • Tries their best and embraces challenge, to achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum

  • Has high self-esteem by respecting and working well with others

  • Takes pride in their work and is able to work independently and collaboratively

  • Looks after their school and those in it – respecting themselves and the environment

  • acquires a love of learning whilst growing and thriving in our safe and nurturing school environment

Mission for the school
We believe that by translating our vision and values into a daily reality across our whole school community, our children will achieve well. Oakwood Junior School seeks to provide;


  • a broad and challenging curriculum

  • an enriching programme of opportunities, activities, visitors and visits

  • a stimulating learning environment

  • an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement

  • a learning partnership within the wider community and particularly with the schools in Odyssey Collaborative Trust


We feel a partnership between children, parents and the community is crucial to achieving our aim. We hope this website will provide you with lots of useful information and a flavour of life at our thriving school. If you would like to know more you are very welcome to visit us – please contact the school to make an appointment.


Mrs Atwal – Head Teacher