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Celebrating Differences


OVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention) (OJS additional plans)

  • I understand that everybody’s family is different and important to them
  • I appreciate my family/the people who care for me
2Family conflict
  • I understand that differences and conflicts sometimes happen among family members
  • I know how to calm myself down and can use the ‘Solve it together’ technique
3Witness and fellings
  • I know what it means to be a witness to bullying
  • I know some ways of helping to make someone who is bullied feel better
4Witness and solutions
  • I know that witnesses can make the situation better or worse by what they do
  • I can problem-solve a bullying situation with others
5Words that harm
  • I recognise that some words are used in hurtful ways
  • I try hard not to use hurtful words (e.g. gay, fat)

Celebrating differences:


  • I can tell you about a time when my words affected someone’s feelings and what the consequences were
  • I can give and receive compliments and know how this feels
7Challenging Homophobia
  • Challenging Homophobia –read and discuss ‘King and King’.