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Changing Me

LessonTitleOverview (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Self image and body image
  • I am aware of my own self-image and how my body image fits into that
  • I know how to develop my own self esteem
2Puberty for girls
  • I can explain how a girl’s body changes during puberty and understand the importance of looking after yourself physically and emotionally
  • I understand that puberty is a natural process that happens to everybody and that it will be ok for me
3Puberty for boys
  • I can describe how boys’ and girls’ bodies change during puberty
  • I can express how I feel about the changes that will happen to me during puberty
5Looking ahead 1
  • I can identify what I am looking forward to about becoming a teenager and understand this brings growing responsibilities (age of consent)
  • I am confident that I can cope with the changes that growing up will bring
6Looking ahead 2
  • I can identify what I am looking forward to when I move to my next class
  • I can start to think about changes I will make next year and know how to go about this