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LessonTitleOverview (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Recognising me
  • I have an accurate picture of who I am as a person in terms of my characteristics and personal qualities
  • I know how to keep building my own self-esteem
2Safety with online communities
  • I understand that belonging to an online community can have positive and negative consequences
  • I can recognise when an online community feels unsafe or uncomfortable
3Being in an online community
  • I understand there are rights and responsibilities in an online community or social network
  • I can recognise when an online community is helpful or unhelpful to me
4Online gaming
  • I know there are rights and responsibilities when playing a game online
  • I can recognise when an online game is becoming unhelpful or unsafe
5My relationship with technology
  • I can recognise when I am spending too much time using devices (screen time)
  • I can identify things I can do to reduce screen time, so my health isn’t affected
6My relationship - staying safe and healthy online
  • I can explain how to stay safe when using technology to communicate with my friends
  • I can recognise and resist pressures to use technology in ways that may be risky or may cause harm to myself or others