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Dreams and Goals

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Dreams and goals
  • I can tell you about a person who has faced difficult challenges and achieved success
  • I respect and admire people who overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and goals (e.g., through disability)
2My dreams and ambitions
  • I can identify a dream/ambition that is important to me
  • I can imagine how I will feel when I achieve my dream/ambition
3A new challenge
  • I enjoy facing new learning challenges and working out the best ways for me to achieve them
  • I can break down a goal into a number of steps and know how others could help me to achieve it
4Our new challenge
  • I can be motivated and enthusiastic about achieving our new challenge
  • I know that I am responsible for my own learning and can use my strengths as a learner to achieve the challenge
5Our new challenge - overcoming obstacles
  • I can recognise obstacles which might hinder my achievement and take steps to overcome them
  • I know how to manage the feelings of frustration that may arise when obstacles occur
6Celebrating my learning
  • I can evaluate my own learning process and identify how it can be better next time
  • I can be confident in sharing my success with others and can store my feelings in my internal treasure chest